"Washer Boards" is a great yard game my father in-law (Bob) introduced me to. It comes with us camping all
the time and comes out for parties in the yard. This one is new and has hardly been used. Bob made this new
one with a much smaller profile. It is only 1 inches high to stand on and it fits perfectly snug into the closed
camper like it was made for it. It was an anniversary present this past October. All the previous ones have
been unfinished wood. The washers are usually not painted but half have a small simple hole drilled through
half of them so you can tell whose is whose. It's fun to hear the clinking of the washers, almost like a
miniature horse shoe type game.
Game directions below

(1) The game consists of 2 boards each having 3 holes and a "FOUL LINE" and connected by a rope. There are also 2 sets of 3 washers.
Each of the holes is numbered 1,2 or 3.
(2) 2 or 4 players can play the game. If there are more than 2 players they should form teams.
(3) The object of the game is to be the first person or team to score exactly 21.
(4) The board is laid on the ground with the two boards facing each other and the rope tight between them.
If 2 people are playing they will stand at one end, behind the "FOUL LINE," and throw their washers to the other end. They then will
move to the other end and throw them back. Selection of who goes first is by mutual agreement.
(5) Scoring: The first player throws his washers at the other board. If any of the washers go into a hole the player throwing it will
receive the total value of all of the washers. The washers are left where they were thrown. The second player then throws his washers.
If he throw a washer into a hole that the other player already has a washer in, the two washers will cancel each other out.
Eg. Player "A" has a washer in hole #1, another in hole #2 and the third not in any hole, the total points for the round would be
"6." If Player "B" throws a washer into hole #2 and another into hole #3 the two washers in hole #2 will cancel each other out
and reduce Player "A's" score to "4" and Player "B" will have a score of "3."
The player who goes first on the next round will be the one who scored the highest on the previous round. In the Eg. It would
Player "A." The two players continue on each taking their turn and adding their score after each round. If a player's score for a
round added to his previous score is more than 21 the amount for the current round is subtracted from his previous total score.
Eg. Player "A" has a score of "18" and Player "B" has "19." Player "B" throws a score of "6" for the round giving him a total
score of "25." The "6" points are subtracted from the "19" moving his score back to "16."
The first person or team to reach "21" will be the winner.
(6) If a player has reached a score of "21" and still has washers that he has not thrown for the round he must throw them and they
must hit the top of the other board. If they do not hit the top of the board they are thrown again until they do.