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Our Lady of Good Counsel Organizations


Parish Pastoral Council


This council is a collaborative body of the Christian faithful with the pastor whose purpose is the promotion of the mission of Jesus Christ and his Church in its entirety. The council shall at all time work in close collaboration with the pastor of the parish, advising him in matter pertaining to pastoral ministry (cc. 528-529).


Members of the Parish Pastoral Council

Rebecca Remarkel

Duane Burkard

Scott Schettler

Shirley Meyer

Teri Spartz


Donna Bertrand, Diocesan Council Representative

Gene Bertrand, Parish Finance Council Representative


Parish Finance Council


This council is an advisory group to be consulted at the discretion of the pastor. It is to aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescriptions of Canon 532. Recommendations made by the council should be based on the principles of church administration.



Cindy Balster

David Reets

Kevin Spartz

David Bertrand

Rodney Burkard


Calvary Cemetery Association


The Board of Our Lady of Good Counsel Calvary Cemetery Association consists of five directors, including the bishop or the ordinary of the diocese of Winona, the diocesan director of cemeteries, and the pastor of the parish, who are members ex officio, and two members of the laity who shall be appointed by the director of the parent parish corporation. This board is responsible for the administration of the cemetery, including all properties, real and personal, and all funds intended for the benefit of the cemetery.



Bishop Bernard Harrington, Bishop of the Diocese of Winona

P. J. Thompson, Diocesan Director of Cemeteries

Fr. Timothy J. Hall, Pastor

Alan Balster, Trustee & Bookkeeper

Harry Springman, Trustee

David Balster

Jack Slater


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