of the newly saved 1,700 acres of the Buffer Lands

"We do not inherit the land from our grandparents; we are only the stewards of the land for our grandchildren."

Specially these lands that was taken from many parents and grandparents in eminent domain 26 years ago.

Every minutes two acre of farmland is lost to development, paved over for a mall or made into a parking lot. But here, together, we have saved an additional 1,700 acres of old farm land and forest for our grandchildren.

Together we now have to raise the money to retire the legal debt.

NY State through its Open Space Conservation Plan has helped to preserve more then 900,000 acres during the last decade with the expenditure of nearly 600 million dollars.

This works out to around $660 an acre. We applaud this conservation program. But the state did not have to spend any additional tax money to preserve this Land, because it already belonged to the state.

We now have to raise around $60,000 to pay off the final part of our legal debt for saving these additional 1,700 acres. That comes out to around $35 per acre. That is a bargain as land conservation is concerned, specially in a heavily populated growing area as our Orange County.

Please 'Sponsor-an-Acre' for $35.

Give a 'Saved Acre' as a holiday gift, a gift that will last forever.

Special gift cards will be made available soon, send an email to: sparc@frontiernet.net and we will notify you when they are ready. Or check back here soon.

Or send your donation right now to:

Box 90
Blooming Grove, 10914

Or click here and you will be taken to a page where you can make an on-line donation right now, of any size.

Click here to purchase the commemorative Lapel Pin for $10. The full amount goes to the legal fund.

There will be other events and fund raisers so please keep your eyes, minds, and wallets, open and tell all your friends and neighbors about the wonderful place that is Stewart State Forest and about our fund raising efforts.

Thank you for your support.

The SPARC Board