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News Archive

bullet9/30/02:  Decision Rendered

bullet10/26/02:  Fight Goes On

bullet11/21/02: Decision US District Court (Full text)

bullet11/22/02:  Injunction Press realease

bullet12/1/02: Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial

bullet12/11/02: Multiple use of Stewart Lands

bullet12/23/02: Injunction Survives Challenge

bullet12/3/03: Butterfly Reports

bullet12/12/03: Appellate court rules in favor of SPARC

bullet6/22/03: Hinchey Letter

bullet6/24/04: Press Conference

bullet9/26/04: Press Release

bullet2/26/04: Court Decision February 25th, 2005

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bulletFall 2002 Newsletter

bulletWinter 2002-2003 Newsletter

bulletSpring 2003 Newsletter

bulletFall 2003 Newsletter

bulletWinter 2003 Newsletter

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bulletSPARC's Virtual Ball