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Recreation Activities at Stewart

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Since 1974, the 7,000 acres west of Drury Lane have been a New York State DEC Cooperative Wildlife Management Area, with almost 10,000 hunters visiting the area annually. The area represents a diverse population of game  including Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, Grouse, Rabbit, Squirrel and an occasional Black Bear. Hunters are allowed access by permit and may park in any of the numerous areas provide inside the grounds. Permits can be obtained at the DOT station on Weed Road, directly off  NYS Rte. 207.

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Numerous ponds and small lakes dot the Stewart lands. Many fishermen visit these waters annually. These waters provide excellent fishing for Bass, Yellow & White Perch, Crappies and Catfish.

Dog Trials
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Many dog trial and hunting clubs hold regular training sessions and competitions on the Stewart lands.

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The Stewart lands provide an excellent place for horseback riding. With 7,000 acres of open space, fire-roads and trails, it has become a favorite place for many riders. Ample parking for horse trailers is available at the entrances on Ridge Road and Barron Road.

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The Stewart lands provide a variety of terrain to accommodate cyclists of all abilities. Over 16 miles of maintained fire roads offer easy to moderate conditions. More advanced cyclists will enjoy the over 50 miles of single-track trails. Several mountain bike races are held annually on the lands.

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Numerous hikers visit the lands each year. The large amount of land and trails combined with the peace, quiet and solitude of this environment make it an excellent choice for hiking. Many visitors come to watch the wildlife, especially birds. The lands are full of a variety of hawks and other birds of prey.

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