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New! The Laurie Robbins Show, WVET, Ch. 10, 1954/55 (Audio CD)
Laurie Robbins was a TV celebrity in the 1950's! This is a CD of songs recently recovered and digitized from the original video footage reels of her 1954 live television show! This captivating CD includes over 40 song tracks and several nostalgic commercials that truly take you back in time, One of the ad spots is for the (new) polio vaccine! One snippet talks about "Eastman Color" photographs (perhaps a household name back then for color produced by Eastman Kodak). Air raid public service announcements and "stop communism" ads are quite chilling. Of course the great majority of the CD is Laurie playing the piano and singing in a very jazzy style live on the set of her Rochester, NY television show. The songs have spunk, sass, and a few are even risque for that time, but this was The Glamorous 50's where breathy singing was the in thing. If you or someone you know wants to relive that era (America-strong, proud and free), through an audio snapshot in time, this would make a great gift!

Publisher: Three Chiquitas Publishing; 1st Edition (2013)

Retail Price:$15 (includes tax & shipping)

New! Captain Carl's Vacation...Believing is Seeing!
The third book in the Petey & The Mean Pirates series, Captain Carl's Vacation...Believing is Seeing (Princess Patch), is a wonderful story that takes grouchy Captain Carl on a much needed vacation to (of all places) beautiful Canandaigua, New York! After the Captain begrudgingly realizes he won't be seeing the Statue of Liberty and the sky scrapers of the Big Apple, he embarks to the slopes of Bristol Mountain. There, he meets Rachel...a girl with an eye patch, but also a spirit that resonates strength and beauty! This book enlightens and teaches children that no matter what life hands you, if you believe in yourself you can do anything!

Ages: Preschool-5th Grade

Publisher: Three Chiquitas Publishing; 1st Edition (2011)

ISBN-13: 978-1257027491
Retail Price: $8.99

Petey and the Mean Pirates
Petey and the Mean Pirates is a delightful children's book that appeals to both kids and parents, alike. It was written to speak to the common childhood belief that all pirates have to be rough and tough and aggressive (and that "little pirates" can sometimes act out that way at home, school, or daycare). Well, Petey is different... Join Petey as he wins over the hearts of the mean pirates (and even a few hungry sharks) using something other than swords, angry words, and bullying.

Excerpt from the back cover: "Petey is nice. He's really very nice. Then why is a nice kid like him living aboard a ship full of mean pirates? Petey warms others with his words and smile. He spreads this way of living to others - even to a bunch of mean and swashbuckling pirates who think the riches of life can be found in a treasure chest. Brought to life by the wonderfully talented illustrator, J.C. Mull, Petey adds color to their lives with his way - he is exactly where he should be."

Let your child experience how Petey ends up the hero in this fun pirate story complete with hungry sharks...and even an ice cream social! Also included in this pirate book is a vocabulary section for the bigger words found in the story, as well as a section dedicated to discussion with thought provoking questions for both teachers and parents to ask.

Ages: Preschool-4th Grade

Paperback: 27 pages

Publisher: Three Chiquitas Publishing; 1st edition (2008)

ISBN-13: 978-0615229546
Retail Price: $8.99

The Ice Cream Pirates
The Ice Cream Pirates is the second book in the Petey and the Mean Pirates children's book series. This is an interactive “illustrate your own” book where you follow the pirates on their adventure as they open up their own ice cream shop...with a twist! Your child will learn the basics of entrepreneurship while they create their own depictions of the storyline, using the hints and captions on the pages! A book you will cherish forever documenting your child's illustrations when they were young. The entrepreneurial "flavor" of the book is delightful and kids really will walk away with an idea about how to start their own business venture!

Ages: First Grade-5th Grade (child creates own illustrations!)

Paperback: 27 pages

Publisher: Three Chiquitas Publishing; 1ST edition (2009)

ISBN-13: 978-0557159611
Retail Price: $8.99

Sherry Widmer's Wild Animal Kid Songs
Sherry Widmer's Wild Animal Kid Songs is an educational masterpiece in a compact disc (CD)! With catchy rhythms and beats, your child will learn the basic facts of many animals...& be able to follow along with the enclosed lyrics! Meet Matt the bat, Jake the Snake...and many more animal friends! Endless entertainment for you & your kids!

Ages: Preschool-5th Grade

Original Release Date: 2010

Sample Audio: Listen Here
Format: Audio CD
Retail Price: $14.99

Seven Days At Camp EAGR!
Seven Days At Camp EAGR! This children's book (written for the Epilepsy Association of Rochester-Syracuse-Binghamton) increases awareness about childhood epilepsy. It shares experiences at Camp EAGR through the eyes of a young girl. A great contribution to society that reduces the social stigma of epilepsy and shares the excitement of a one of a kind camp!

Ages: Kindergarten - 6th grade

Publisher: Three Chiquitas Publishing; 1st Edition (2010)
Retail Price: $10.00 + $2.50 shipping

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