Tours of Local Railroad Sites - and Locomotive Portraits.
Scot Lawrence

My Ferroequinearchaeological tours

A History of Rochester, NY Railroads

Genesee Docks - Rochester, NY

The MAP page.

Lehigh Valley Railroad, Sayre PA

Lehigh Valley Railroad, VanEtten Junction.

Lehigh Valley Railroad, Manchester NY

The LV Sayre, PA Walkbridge

LV and Erie coal transfer trestle in Waverly, NY

Erie Railroad - the last surviving "southern tier" semaphore

DL&W Railroad, South Waverly PA

DL&W Railroad, Mount Morris, NY station

DL&W Railroad - a tour from Binghamton to Buffalo (in progress)

Pennsylvania Railroad, Sodus Point, NY

Genesee Junction turntable, near Rochester NY

Tour of the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum - 2004

Tour of some Maine 2-footer sites, Phillips and Wiscasset - 2005

A tour around the Finger Lakes Region.

Tours by other railfans.

Lehigh Valley Railroad,  McLean - Freeville NY.     By Joshua Blay

DL&W bridges near Waverly and Nichols.   By Tom Hannon

The Towanda Monroeton Shipper's Lifeline.   By Chris Chamberlain

Rochester Junction, and other LV sites, in 1980-1982. by Joseph Muto
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Spring Creek Trestle - LVRR Hemlock branch trestle near Lima, NY.  By Paige Miller

Tour of LVRR Coxton Yard, January 2006, by Adam Kachurak


My locomotive portraits, and other train pics.

Conrail GE C39-8

Bath & Hammondsport Alco S1

Maine 2-foot gauge GE 23ton diesel

LAL MOW cars, and G&W salt hoppers

My train pics on

My train pics on

My train pics on NErail photo archive.

My New York Alco photos - on

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