My 2nd CNC Project

5' x 10'

Stepper Controlled

Plasma Torch and Router Table



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4 7amp Gecko 201A drives
for the controller. I made the case by laying a flat sheet of aluminum on my first cnc table and used the router with a 1/8" solid carbide drill mill. It cut all of the holes, after that I broke it on the bender and this is what came out.

Back view of the controller.

Another view.

This is a view of the Gecko drives in the case mounted atop

an aluminum heat sink. Breakout board from Camtronics

This is the relay board that I mounted in the control box to turn the plasma torch on and off by way of the parallel port. The software takes care of this. I am using SuperCam.

View of the controller from the side.

Top view of the controller.

Another view of the controller. Here you can see the two transformers and capacitor.

Close up of the transformer.

Side view of the table. Upper frame is 3 x 4 x 3/16 tube, lower is 2 x 2 x 1/4 tube.

2 inch aluminum brackets attached to the frame to support the rails.

Angled view of the table with the aluminum rails mounted waiting on the DualVee bearing rails.

Head on view of the table.



My homemade CNC-PC station. I will still be using this PC for the CNC #2 table.

Update 08/21/2002
I have been working on this table for a few weekends now. It is coming along great, I will be adding the pictures and descriptions along the way.

Update 03/10/2004

Well finally done. It has been a long year. Time goes by to fast.
I will be adding some text for the photos. Just wanted to get them up so everyone could see.




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