The results are in!!  Our customers have been sending us newspaper clippings from around the state and  the food critics all agree that we have some of the finest food around!!

Who knows what the critics tried that fateful day. Was it the Monster Burger with the never frozen, premium ground chuck?  Was it the fresh cut fries?  Maybe the Friday special Walleye Pike with our home made batter.  Al's bet, the Saturday special Prime Rib tipped the scales.  I think he is a little prejudiced myself.  It took him over a year to get the recipe down.  He had to have the best (choice) rib roasts he could find, seasonings, a story in itself, and of course the cooking time, over nine hours.  He has gone through three ovens to finally get the one that cooks just the way he likes!!

It looks like being just a tad obsessive is worth it.

Well as you can see we started a new site.  We want to make this fun for everybody and are looking forward to our guests sending in photos of them at the Onion, mountain hunting/fishing trophies and the like.  We will add local links as we find them, so be patient with us and enjoy.

Thanks for all the support



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