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Now and Then Collectibles

The "Now and Then" book is no longer in print. It has a slight ding on cover but overall in great shape. It has 8 color pictures in middle.

$14.99(includes Shipping)

Although similar this script is different from the one posted on site. It contain 121 pages. It has deleted scenes and a lot of dialogue has been changed.

$19.99(includes Shipping)

Collector's Card



This is a cool collectible card for the movie "Now and Then". First, I obtained one of the actual film trailers used in 1995 when the movie was first released. The trailer is a series of film frames which I cut into sections. I then mounted the frame on a collectible card that I created. So what you see in the middle of the card is 1 frame from the trailer. Although it appears dark in the picture you are able to see it clearly when you hold it up to the light. Besides being a neat collectible you can also take the film frame to a photo shop. They make nice pictures. In addition many scanners now allow you to scan film frames such as these. Each card comes with a clear protective case. The size of the card is 2 1/2 width x 3 1/2 height (inches).

$4.99(includes Shipping)

Order now while the selection is still good.

Christina Ricci

Thora Birch

Gaby Hoffmann

Ashleigh Aston Moore

Devon Sawa

All Four Girls

Group - 3 Girls

Group - 2 Girls

Adults - Individuals

Adults - Groups

Various Shots

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Order above using Paypal or send an e-mail to d_cowart@yahoo.com to check availability. For Collector Cards list the title to each one you want. You will be notified if item is available and how to make payment.

Note - All the Film Frames are sold on a collector-to-collector basis as film memorabilia, and no rights of any kind are offered, assigned, given, or implied. To mount the frame a square the size of the frame had to be cut out in the center of the card...front and back. This was done using a sharp exacto knife. Although care was taken please understand these aren't factory perfect. Nevertheless, they make a nice display of authentic film memorabilia from the movie.