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Rand Courtney

You maybe asking yourself who is Rand Courtney? Well actually Rand had a major part in the movie "Now and Then". Unfortunately, the bulk of it ended up on the cutting room floor. I have had the opportunity to speak to Rand by e-mail and he told me his story. We first see Rand in the very beginning of the movie in the "Red Rover Scene". He is on the side opposite the girls. Teeny(Thora Birch) smiles at him and he returns the smile. In the original script there was a minor love story between Teeny and Rand's character Brett Jones. They actually had dialogue mentioning him as one of the ones chosen in the game Red Rover but decided to select the other guy Bobby Fricker(Brandon Kleyla) instead. Teeny's love interest was again echoed in the deleted Carnival Scene when she operates the kissing booth. When Brett Jones (Rand's character) steps up to receive his kiss the Wormer brothers set off the sprinkler system. As he begins to run off Teeny grabs him by the collar and yanks him in for a kiss. Unfortunately the entire scene was deleted from the film. Rand explains that they felt like this somewhat overshadowed the upcoming love story between Roberta(Christina Ricci) and Scott (Devon Sawa). Of course this was a big dissappointment for Rand however a picture of him kissing Thora still remains in the paperback book on "Now and Then". Click Here. In an article with BOP magazine, during the time of the filming, Thora mentions the scene:

As the 13-year-old actress tells BOP, the movie provided her with her first on-screen kiss---a fact which turned her into a nervous wreck. Says Thora: "The night before, I was like, 'Oh my God! I am going to be kissed on film and I don't know what to do!'" After mucho tossing and turning, Thora finally fell asleep. But the next morning she was an even bigger basket case. "I was such a nervous wreck that I went to Christina Ricci for advice," she recalls. "She goes. 'Listen, don't worry. He'll be more nervous than you. It's going to be alright.' And she said to just focus on the overall scene." For a while Thora felt better, but then Christina's advice suddenly lost its comfort factor. "I said, 'Wait a minute! The whole scene is me kissing him!'" As if all this wasn't pumping enough adrenaline through Thora's veins, she noticed when her kissing partner arrived on the set that not only was he very cute but also alarmingly calm. To top things off, the entire scene was shot only to end up on the cutting room floor, never to be seen by anyone.

Yes, the scene was deleted but a brief part of it remains in the movies trailer. Often the trailer is made before the movie is completed so fortunately for Rand a part of it does remain on film and of course Rand will always have the distinction of being Thora's first on-screen kiss.

Rand from the Red Rover Scene

Rand and Thora