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Meeting the Stars

It was late December of 1994 when I first arrived downtown where the filming was taking place. It was quite a sight. It was getting dark but huge lights from the filming cast an eerie glow across the city. Huge cables and wires were running everywhere to supply power to the filming. I remember asking a member of the filming crew how close could I get? He replied you can get as close as you want. If you get in the way someone will tell you about it . :-) So I worked my way down to the corner street where they were filming the sewer scene . It was more than interesting to watch the filming and I got to meet Walter Sparrow that night. (see Meeting the Stars-Walter Sparrow). Demi Moore was simply out of the question. Every time I saw her she was surrounded by several policemen but Gaby and Thora seemed approachable if you were patient enough. Ashleigh and Christina were not in town yet as they were not involved in this particular scene. But after everything was said and done I was only able to meet Mr. Sparrow. But I was quite happy in that as I knew although they would be taking a break for Christmas they would be returning for more filming at the start of the new year. Over the Christmas break I had the Christina-Thora-Gaby-Ashleigh movie marathon. Mermaids, Uncle Buck, Addams Family, Paradise, Hocus Pocus, Monkey Trouble...if they were in it I wanted to see it. If it was something I had already seen I wanted to see it again.

As the new year came and went I was ready and excited. This time all 4 would be in town filming the diner scene. I had already been checking out the diner as the workers transformed an old vacant building into the Shelby Diner. Earlier in the day I was able to see for the first time Ashleigh and Christina. They all were filming a scene that was later cut from the movie. The news however circulating through the crowd was they would be filming the diner scene later that night. So I left for a short lunch break and quickly hurried back. Watching a movie is a slow process. Unlike the sewer scene which was filmed outside the diner was not. The area was roped off so you couldn't see to well. But one thing caught my attention. All their trailers were parked in an area where you had to walk down a small alley between two building to reach them. This would be the perfect opportunity to get an autograph. The filming dragged on for hours with many onlookers coming and going. It was now very late in the day and yes I was getting a little discouraged by it all. But finally it looked as though things were wrapping up for the night as you could see many of the filming crew packing up and heading down the alley back to their trailers. Here was my chance, I hoped. I quickly ducked under the roped off area and made my way down the alley. No one followed me. This alley was rather dark with only a light at the front and one near the end. I parked myself at the end of the alley and waited as the filming crew passed me by. Suddenly coming around the corner I saw Christina. It was one of those moments when your heart starts racing. She is walking by herself unlike the ever guarded Demi Moore. As she comes near me thankfully I have enough courage to say Hi and ask for an autograph. She smiles and says sure as we kinda meet in the middle of the alley. I have my sharpie and a blank index card ready. She is carrying a book and uses the book to sign my autograph on. I said something to her but to be honest I don't remember what I said. I guess I was zoned out. I do remember thinking here I am standing face to face with Wednesday from the Addams Family and to say the least that felt pretty awesome. She was more than polite. What happened to Ashleigh, Gaby and Thora that night I have no idea. Maybe in my zoned out state they simply passed right by me as Christina was signing my autograph. But once again I was a happy camper. The alley worked perfectly and there would be more filming tomorrow and of course I would be back.

They started filming once again in the diner around noon. I was there once again with my camera and sharpie in hand. I was able to take some nice pictures during this time but I wanted more than just pictures. I had my sights set on meeting Gaby, Thora and Ashleigh now. Just like yesterday the filming ended and once again I headed down the alley. No one had caught on to my plans so I was basically alone as I waited. Shortly there after Gaby turns the corner. As she nears I ask for an autograph. She smiles and ask me my name as I hand her my sharpie and index card. Everything is working just as planned...yeah right. :-) I didn't think about bringing anything for her to sign the card on unlike Christina did with her book. But Gaby looked like she had been in that situation many times before. She simply dropped down to one knee and used the other to sign my card. Instead of simply signing her name she wrote a brief note. This gave me a little more time with her. I remember telling her how much I appreciated the autograph and her replying that she was glad to do it. As soon as she was finished I see Thora turning the corner. Talk about perfect timing. I didn't even have to move. As she came near I asked for her autograph as well. Now Thora's technique was a little different. She carefully balanced herself on one leg and used her other to sign the autograph on. :-) I was on a roll now. Four autographs down and only Ashleigh to go. As I mentioned before I had written off Demi. I saw several people try to approach her but they were always turned away by the police. None of the others in the movie filmed here. I'm not sure where Ashleigh slipped off to that day so she would have to wait but I didn't have to wait long.

They had finished the diner scene and they were now filming the Sears scene. Most of it was deleted from the final movie. The Sears building was just a few buildings down from where they filmed the diner scene so basically I was still in the same location. Just like before the good old alley would come into play. There I was able to meet Ashleigh as she headed back to her trailer. Ashleigh directed me over to a near by trash can that had a lid and used that to sign my autograph on. You would think by now I would bring something for them to sign the autograph on but noooooo! Don't ask me why... I don't know. I guess I simply get caught up in the moment. But thinking back to how they all signed their autograph is obviously something that I remember quite well so it all worked out just fine. Having met 5 of the cast members was something special and this is why I made this site. I hope you enjoy it.

Wendell Cowart