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Autograph Tips

Here are a few things you should consider when writing to a celebrity asking for an autograph picture. Hopefully they will increase your chances of getting a response.

  • You must include a 9x12 envelope with proper postage. Also on the letter write your address and at the bottom write "Photo Please Do Not Bend". Hopefully this will prevent your photo from becoming damaged during shipping. In addition, if you use an envelope that has a metal clasp make sure you put some tape on the inside part of the clasp where it is attached to the envelope. If you rub your finger over it you will often find it is very rough. The tape will prevent the clasp from scratching your picture.
  • Always hand write your letter. A typed letter looks too much like a form letter which would obviously be a turn-off. Basically it should be no more than one page long and make sure that somewhere in the letter you actually ask for an autographed picture. Be sure to avoid controversial topics about who's dating who, or who might have visited their San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer last weekend in the tabloids, it probably won't help your mission.
  • Always try to obtain the most current address. Celebrity move around a lot and change Talent Agents as well. Here are a few sources for celebrity addresses:
    1) is free source for celebrity addresses.
    2) Star Tiger is another source for celebrity addresses.
    3) Try a search engine. Many celebrity fan sites have an address where you can write to them.
  • Be patient. Celebrites are busy people and get a lot of mail. I have waited over a year on some celebrities before getting a response.
  • You are more likely to get a response from an up-and-coming star. Once they become so popular it would be impossible to repond to all their fans.
  • Face reality. Some celebrities won't write back no matter what you do. has a forum that list success and failures. Don't waste your time and money on celebrities listed in the failure column.
  • Lastly some celebrities send back pictures with pre-printed or a stamped signature. Understand these aren't real signatures and it's often hard to tell the difference so don't be dissappointed in that fact. Check the internet as some sites will tell you if a celebrity is only sending pre-printed signatures. Watch out for the address: Studio Fan Mail. There maybe exceptions but virtually all the pictures coming from that address are pre-printed signatures.