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Daddy Day Care - Elle Fanning
Directed by Steve Carr (III) (2003)

In the hilarious comedy Daddy Day Care, two fathers (Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin) lose their jobs in product development at a large food company and are forced to take their sons out of the exclusive Chapman Academy and become stay-at-home fathers. With no job possibilities on the horizon, the two dads open their own day care facility, "Daddy Day Care", and employ some fairly unconventional and sidesplitting methods of caring for children. As "Daddy Day Care" starts to catch on, it launches them into a highly comedic rivalry with Chapman Academy's tough-as-nails director (Anjelica Huston) ...who has driven all previous competitors out of business.

Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Garlin, Steve Zahn, Regina King, Kevin Nealon, Lacey Chabert, Anjelica Huston, Elle Fanning, Hailey Johnson.

Props and Wardrobe

This polka dot dress with sandals is the outfit Jamie (Elle Fanning) is wearing for the movie poster and in different scenes in "DADDY DAY CARE".

Elle Fanning from the movie poster of "Daddy Day Care".

Elle's polka dot dress

Elle Fanning in a scene from Daddy Day Care

Blue Sandals

Elle's Light blue shirt with Butterflies

Elle from Daddy Day Care

Pink shirt with hearts, flowers, and stars.

Elle Fanning from Daddy Day Care

Orange multi-colored shirt.

Elle from Daddy Day Care

Blue Jean Dress.

Elle from Daddy Day Care