Will in 2004--PineSong and elsewhere

Will visited PineSong on Memorial Day, Labor Day and during the Christmas holiday before New Year's Day. The year began with a visit by his Grandma Judy in January and ended with special guests for Christmas. Katie and JC came from California with their grandmother and were joined by their mother Rosie after Christmas. Their Grandma Phian emigrated from Laos to the US in 1980. And some other important things happened too!

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Image: Will and Jerri reading

Image: Will and Pete

Image: Will and Jerri on dock

Image: Will at brook

Jerri reading to Will at PineSong on the Memorial Day Weekend

Pete Lund showing Will the way at the Brook in front of the cabin



Jerri and Will on the dock at Pat and Pat's Beaver Lake cabin

Will standing along the brook

Image: Will with Sawyer

Image: Will with corn

Image: Anton with Will reading

Will: Will on firepit bench

Will playing with Sawyer, Barb's toy dachshund, at PineSong

Will helping shuck corn

Anton and Will reading together on the futon at PineSong

Will spots some tiny mushrooms on one of the firepit benches

Image: Will with book outside

Image: Beth and Will

Image: Will with his cast

Image: Will with pumkin

Will relaxing with his "tractor" book in front of the cabin

Beth and Will with Beth's scrapbook demo at the St. Joseph Town Fair

Will with his new cast

Will helps carve a pumpkin; the cast was gone, but he was walking funny

Image: Will in tunnel

Image: Beth and Will in snow

Image: Will and Phian

Image: Will, Katie, JC with Christmas tree

A week later, Will had lost his limp and was back into playing at the park

Beth and Will in the snow

Will with Phian at PineSong during the Christmas holiday visit

Katie, Will and JC with Spencer and the Christmas Tree at Anne and Earl's

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