About Us


Like many other people in the 20th century, Jerri and I first met in college, in our case at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Jerri was born in Halstead, Kansas and grew up in Rosalia in Butler county. I was born in Ashland, Wisconsin and grew up at Hayward.

Jerri and I married in 1967 and moved to Kentucky in 1969, where our son Anton and daughter Jocelyn were born. I taught English at Murray State University, while Jerri resumed her study of piano and began giving private piano lessons at this time.

In 1976, we moved to New Richmond, Wisconsin where we still reside. Jerri renewed her interest in organ performance here and studied with Katherine Moen. Today Jerri continues giving private piano lessons and is organist for the New Richmond United Methodist Church. After spending more and more time commuting to work at Ver-tech, Incorporated which had moved to Rockford, Minnesota, I resigned in December 2005 and accepted a full time position as the Internet Sales Coordinator for the RiverTown Newspaper Group. Anton and his wife Beth live near Hudson, Wisconsin with Will. On May 31, 2008 I retired and am keeping busy with various projects.

We both enjoy reading, music, theater, and cooking. Jerri enjoys bicycling and walking, while I like trout fishing, fly tying and using my Mac for fun and business.

If you wish, send us an email. Our address is rang@frontiernet.net.