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A Safe and Healthy Workplace:

Itís Your Right  

Every day too many workers are hurt or killed on the job. . . or get sick because of something they have worked with. Don't let it happen to you. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and how to protect yourself. RoCOSH is part of a national and international effort of workers to improve safety conditions where they work. There are six "COSH" groups in New York state and about 30 nationwide. If you have questions about safety or health hazards where you work, workers' Compensation, OSHA, asbestos, lead, or other chemicals CALL RoCOSH for free, confidential answers and information.


About RoCOSH


RoCOSH is a Rochester-based non-profit organization of labor, health, legal professionals and others working to improve occupational safety, health, and environmental conditions for Greater Rochester area workers. We provide training, information, and technical assistance to labor unions and other groups of workers fighting for better workplace safety and health conditions. We also support community and worker mobilization to unite workers, concerned professionals, and others in efforts to bring about the greatest improvement in occupational safety and health conditions.


Programs and Activities


RoCOSH provides support for and facilitates worker mobilization and empowerment through training sessions, technical assistance, and information dissemination. We also use participatory research methods for hazard identification, prevention, and control of specific health and safety issues at union workplaces.


Resource Center


We maintain an extensive Resource Center with reference materials on occupational health and safety issues including weekly updates of OSHA related information.


ROCOSH, the Rochester Council on Occupational Safety & Health, is a non-profit organization that assists workers and labor unions in their struggles for better safety and health conditions on the job. We believe every worker is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace, and we work to promote that goal.



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