Ricketts Family History

History of the Ricketts Family

Hezakiah Ricketts was born in Germany about 1750. Occupation farmer and preacher. Could speak both English and German.

Barbara Metzgar was born in Switzerland in 1752. They were united in wedlock in Germany in 1772. Came to United States about 1780. Settled in Virginia and later moved to Pennsylvania. We have no record of the family except for their son, our direct ancestor, William, probably the youngest of the family he was born in 1786 in Huntingdome County, Pennsylvania. Occupation, farmer. William Ricketts and Lydia Fitzsimmons or united a marriage in Pennsylvania any year 1818. To dish union or born eight children, Catherine, Lydia, Lizzie, John Roberts (our direct ancestor) born Nov. 10, 1825. Elizabeth, Ann, William, Hannah and Malinda.

John Roberts Ricketts, born Nov. 10, 1825 in Huntingdome County, Pennsylvania and it Ohio. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, married Jane Anderson in the 27 year of his age. Marriage ceremony reformed by the honorable Thomas McGuire in Tuscuruois County, Ohio in April 27th 1852. To this union seven children were born. Martha Anne, born Mar. 20, 1853, Sarah Ellen, Jan. 25th 1857, Rachel Jane, Feb. 20, 1859, David Samuel, Mar. 3, 1861, John William, Nov. 26, 1864, Mary Louise, Sept. 27, 1870, George Daniel, Jun. 22, 1873.

William Anderson, a miller, was born in Cavan County, Ireland to about the year 1798. A Protestant and of the Presbyterian Faith. He was married to Ellen Martin in Ireland in 1820. Ellen Martin's parents emigrated from Ireland about the year 1830. William and Ellen had six children in Ireland. William, who married Janie Garlan in Kentucky, Elizabeth who married Leon Siebert, who died and married second husband, Nathan Fisher in southern Indiana. John married Miranda Guthridge, who died, and later he married second wife, Sarah Ebenhart of La Clede, Illinois. Marguret married Albert Ross in Martin County, Indiana, divorced and married Sam Smith. Robert married Sarah Nichols in Indiana, Died Mason, Illinois. Jane (our ancestor) born Jan. 25, 1836, Died Nov. 30, 1908.

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