Contact Me    After 62 Middle Age My Boating Life Click on Picture to view my Antique Outboard Site My Boating Life From my Dad’s short auto biography

BOATS  ~~~  My first boat was a  “Boyd Martin Bullet” with a Standard Lockwood Chief Outboard Motor. I think it would do about 40 MPH. In the 1950’s I bought my first Penn Yan boat, used.  It was a “Flier” model Penn Yan Trailboat. And went quite well with the 5 HP Johnson we owned at the time. We next owned a 14 ft. (Brand new) Penn Yan “Swift” Which I purchased  thru.  Vic Blood and picked up at the factory. It would do just over 30 MPH and ran just fine. I could tow both Don and Tom on skis at the same time with it. Next came a series of Penn Yan’s and Alum. Boats. LDS 1910-2004

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