What is a sheep dip vat?

A dip vat is a long, narrow, concrete-lined trench used to dunk livestock in a water-based pesticide (toxaphene) solution.

Here is the Oljato Chapter dip vat  you can see, from left to right: the pre-dip corral, the trench, the dry off pad, and the post dip corral.

The Lower Greasewood Chapter dip vat

At the Haystack dip vat, Baca Chapter, you can see the stairs the sheep, goats, cattle and horses use to climb out of the trench (slow loading)


History of sheep dipping on the Navajo Nation

What is toxaphene?

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The Superfund Process

Field screening of the sheep dip vat sites and remedy selection Site selection


The Next Steps

Delisting the first 22 sites from CERCLIS


The challenge of addressing the remaining sites


Involving the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)


The next steps and key activites


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