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36th Alabama Co. G, CSA
I am researching the 36th Ala. Co. G, CSA unit and have transcribed the unit roster, obtained copies of letters, etc. I would like to obtain and share information on this unit.

D.A. Bass-Frazier

I am looking for anyone with a connection to the Adcock, Henderson, Lambert, Boyles, Stiggins, Drew, Gordon and Jones families who were in Monroe County as early as 1807 when it was actually Washington County, Mississippi Territory. My GGGGG grandfather was Thomas Adcock who was killed along with his wife at Fort Mims. There 5 children were not at the fort and all lived in this county for many years. Thomas Adcock's son Reuben married Margaret Henderson in Monroe County in the early 1820s. Sarah ADCOCK married Captain Thomas H Boyles on March 1, 1817 in Monroe County by Alexander Henderson. Alexander Henderson and Reuben Adcock donated land in the early 1820's for one of the first Methodist churches in the county near Eliska or Mount Pleasant. Alexander Henderson and some of his family are buried in an old cemetery now in the woods near where this church once stood. I have lots of info on all of the families listed and will be happy to share with others in these family lines who might have an interest.
Mark Migura

I am seeking information about descendants of my great, great grandparents, Joel Anderson and Jane Middleton who were married in Monroe County 1 August 1838. Joel was born circa 1810 in South Carolina. Jane, born circa 1921, was the daughter of Willis Middleton of Monroe/Conecuh County. Their children were Nancy (m. John W. Morgan), Christopher Emanuel, also known as Manning or C.R. (my great grandfather) went to Texas after 1870, Jerusha, Mary Algerine (m. John A. Bond), Joseph Lindsay, Ananias, Rebecca (m. Barlow), James and Willis. Surely, someone must have knowledge about this family. Please let me hear from you.

Mary Alice Thomas

I am looking for information on my great, great grandfather James N. Andrews, father of A. Phillip Andrews, my great, grandfather. Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated. This family settled in Monroe County around 1802 and ran a stage relay somewhere near Skinnerton. Please help break down this brick wall.

Paula Andrews Powles

5936 Judd Falls Road
West Florida 33463
(561) 641-9140

Need to contact descendents about life and times of Capt. John Camber Arthur and wife Mary C. Gray. Lived in Claiborne 1836-80+. He was a Capt. of steamboats. Child: Mary Gray Arthur who married Charles A. English, brothers: Ruben and Edward Arthur. Are you out there? Also looking for the parents of 'Cinna'/Sarah America Robison who married Adam Brisban Arthur in Monroe County on Jan. 21, 1845. Dr. Arthur was a phantom doctor in Burnt Corn and Monroe County. Was Cinna's parent William Robison?

Frances Arthur Gold

4865 Rainbow Drive

Rainbow City, Alabama 35906

I am looking for family and friends of the Baas family willing to share stories and ancedotes about my father's family. Mr father died when I was eight years old and I have lost contact with that side of my family. My dad's name was Murry Richard Baas, and I know his original hometown was Frisco City, Alabama. My grandfather was Lawrence H. Baas and my grandmother was Bernice Baas. Also my great Uncle Lois, who I found out recently died in October 1998, was from Alabama. At some point my father's family moved to St. Augustine, and I am in the process of trying to contact them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Daniel Baas

929 Maplewood Avenue

Tallahassee Florida 32303

I am looking for any information on my great, great grandparents, Patrick Boatright and Nancy Wright. They were married in 1865 in Monroe County. They had a son, Jeff Boatwright, who is my great ganddaddy, in 1872 in Old Texas, Monroe County. He married twice. He married his second wife, Exie Anderson, in 1905 in Monroe County. I am looking for siblings of Jeff Boatwright and parents and siblings of Patrick Boatright. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Sherie Boatwright

Searching for information on the parents and other family of my great grandfather, Lum Monroe Bonds (b. Alabama 1863, d. Vian Sequoyah Co., OK 1910). His death certificate lists his parents as Thomas Bonds and Elizabeth Loin. A family Bible of this period also lists Lum's siblings as Hilary (male), Thursday (female) and Emma. All three made the move to Oklahoma after the Civil War.

Sandra Bonds McDaniel

We are currently in search for any information on the family of Jackson G. Booker. He married Jeffelona (Jeffie) Myrick. They lived around the Old Texas area and Awin. Releation would also be in Excel and Frisco City and south to Goodway. We'll be more than happy to share information. Would especially love to have Jackson's mother and father's names. Kathy and I lived in Monroeville and Excel from 1970 to 1975. Look forward to hearing from you!

Seeking relatives of George S. Bradley and Mary Ann Davis. They were married in Monroe County in 1848.

Gail Roth

550 Milestone Blvd.
Florida 32533
(850) 473-9995

Searching for descendants of MOSES BYRD and ASA WILKINSON who are willing to exchange information. Both men lived in the Old Texas area during the 1800s. Moses is listed in the 1830 Monroe county census, and Asa moved into the area c1855. Family members are buried in the Jenkins Chapel Cemetery.

Sherri Minozzi

I am researching the Cater and Sigler surnames specifically William thomas Cater and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Sigler.

Mary Cater McKinley

I was born March 24, 1928 in Jones Mill (now Frisco City) and moved to Monroeville in 1937, just as the "silk mill" (Vanity Fair) was moving into town. I graduated from MCHS in 1946. My mother was Faytie Lee (Dailey )Terry born in Franklin, Alabama, and lived in Chestnut and graduated from high school in Beatrice. She descended from Monroe County families Dailey, Shannon and Riley, who had settled and lived primarily in north Monroe County. I am still interested in Monroe County genealogical research. In the summer of 1997 I gave a 2-hour talk (with visuals nad newspaper articles, etc.) to the 8th-grade class of my granddaughter in a San Diego suburb, about my early life in Monroeville and Nelle Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird," my acquaintance with her and Truman Capote and that era of Southern life. I was an elected member of the Hyattsville (Prince Georges County, MD city council for eight years; retired from U.S. Government in 1983 where I served for years as the law librarian of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. I will always have a special place in my heart for Monroe County and my relatives and friends from there. I am planning a trip to visit sister Mary Anne Jaye and brother Neal in Pensacola soon.

Dr. Terry D. Spurgeon Jr

24644 Tippett Lane

Tallahassee Florida 32303


Looking for information on the Daniels family of Monroe County. William Daneils married Susanah April 18, 1824. They lived around Frisco City. They had many children, one being Catherine Daneils. She married Jacob Obanion Snider. Would like any information on the Snider family from Jones Mill (Frisco City area). Also looking for any information on Laura Coker. She was born around Bells Landing, Tinlea, Alabama, about 1854. I would like the names of her parents. Also any information on a Zack Louis Smith who was married to Martha Elizabeth Snider. Zack ran a lumber train for the Blacksher family of Uriah, Alabama.

Great grandfather married Josephine from Moss Point, MS. He was in band or a bandleader. My grandmother last had contact with the framily from that area about 20 years ago. Looking for any information on the family.

S. Porter

Searching for any and all information about the family of Samuel DuBose and his wife, Jane Dick Dubose. Also on John Dick DuBose, their son. John Dick DuBose was married to a Mary Stallworth and Laura L. Bradley. Possibly another wife was Millie S. Collins. Haven't found anything on her except a Bible entry. I do know of our relation to the Marshall McPhearsons and Bradleys. Anything will help a lot.

Samuel J. DuBose, Jr.

I am looking for more information about my great-great grandfather, Jacob EZELL. The scant information I have about him says that he died in Excel, AL on 2 Dec 1922. He supposedly came from Tennessee. I don't know what part of Tennessee, or when he moved. He married Nancy Ann JAMES and they had at least one son, Daniel Asberry EZELL. If anyone has further information about this family, I would love to hear from you!

Karla Ezell Cook

I am Michael Mims Farish, a descendant of Samuel Mims. I am interested in hearing from anyone with genealogical information in relationship to the Mims or Farish families. My grandmother was Cunthia Mims, wife of Lawrence Buckner Farish, first doctor in Uriah. My dad, Lawrence Buckner Farish Jr., passed away recently. He was 88 years old. Please contact me with any recent or old family history.
Michael M. Farish

2065-1 Bethlehem Road
Kings Mountain, North Carolina 28086
(704) 739 9364

Searching for my Feaster ancestors (spelled in numerous ways including Feester, Pfister). They lived in Monroe County, Alabama, during the mid 1800s and in to the 1900s. Will be happy to hear from anyone researching this surname to exchange information. I have a lot on ancestors, but am searching now for descendants (which, surprisingly has been more difficult)!

Lisa R. Franklin RN, BSN

420 Ravenel Court
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

I am searching for Palmer Forehand, father of Hannah Forehand, who married Dempsey Allen Bonner.

Maudie E. Bonner

I am looking for any information you might have on my family members listed above.
Daisy Halestock, William and Flora Hixon and Sam Parker

Priscilla Parker

Abernathy, Florida

I have recently returned "home" to Monroeville. This year is my 40th high school reunior year. I am interested in genealogy of Hayles, Urquhart, Blanton, and Fountain.

Wright, Jean Hayles

I am researching the William Helton family who came to Monroe County in early 1800s from South Carolina. William was born about 1798. His first wife, Elizabeth Moore, was born about 1800. According to the census records, they arrived in Monroe County with three children. They had six more. William married Mary Ann White in 1843 in Monroe County. They have two sons. All of the children married in Monroe County. Mary M . to Chapman Levy Creighton in 1844; Rebecca to Issac G. Maxwell in 1848; William to Marion Graham in 1852; Jeremiah to Martha M. Sawyer in 1857; Issac M. to Nancy Mae McKenzie in 1858; James Monroe to Rebecca J. McAliston in 1867; John Alexander to Sarah Jane Bolling in 1866; Sarah J. to A.J. Salter in 1867; Henry Clay to Elizabeth (Betty) Gifson in 1867 (Turnbull Church); Joseph to Susomi Biggs in 1871; Jeff D. to M.L. Waters in 1878; Thomas born about 1842 is unknown. If anyone has information on any of these families, I would be happy to find links and share. I have been unable to find burial site for William Elizabeth or Mary Ann.

Sammye Baker

Looking for Elbert Joushua Holder 1865-1949. He moved from Jackson, Alabama to Texas and married Amanda Jane Scott in March 18, 1884. One of his children was William Winson Holder. I am looking for his family and father and mother.

William Holder

My father's name is Harold Holder. His parents were Lee and Mary Stella Simpson Holder. I am looking for information about my grandfather's ancestors that may have been Creek Indians. Lee Holder's mother's name was Eliza Murphy Holder. Her mother's maiden name was Hathcock. His father was John Holder. I have a copy of an application for membership in the Cherokee Nation. It was denied. Although she stated on the application that her uncle on her mother's side was Sam Moniac Red Coat half brother of William Wetherford REad Eagle bother were Creek Indians. I would like to know how I can find out if she ever gained membership in the Creek Nation.

Belinda Holder

Perry Settle Rd.
Florida 325777

My father and mother were Alex and Ida Vera (Simpson) Holder. My grandfaterh was John Holder and my grandmother was Elisa (Murphy) Breazeale Holder. I am looking for any trace of John's family who, I think, were from the Uriah area.

Searching for information on Lottie Belle Davis Howington who owned a beauty shop at Goodway Junction in Monroe County in the 1950s.

Joan K. Bonnett

Looking for anyone related to the Hutto, Rachels, Wiggins, Locks, Coker, Ethridge, Durdrin, and Chunn Families of Bells Landing in Hybart, Alabama. Also looking for anyone related to the Sniders, Smiths, Daneils, Hughes, Stewart families of Jones Mill, now Frisco City.

Boyce Keith Smith

Cornelius Jackson was first found on the Monroe County census with a family. It is my belief that he married Lucretia Scoggins. I know her name was Lucretia. They traveled with or near the Cantaline Carnley and Scogin Scroggin families. Would also like to know if the Belleville Church records are available to check further on the Thomas Jackson and John Scogin who were among the first organizers of this church.

Jeanette Henderson
P.O. Box 245
Baker, FL 32531
(850) 537-4401

These families have strong history in Conecuh County from early 1800s possibly earlier. King and Witherington King line. My great, great grandfather, John T. King who was born in 1816 in South Carolina, thought to ba descendant of Captain George King. Who were the following Kings buried in the Belleville Baptist Church Cemetery in Conecuh County?
John King (1782-1829) and wife, Elizabeth Coleman King (1782-1844)
William R. King (1823-1848)
Could Kings at Belleville be related to my John T. King? John and Elizabeth King could be John T's parents. If you have any information, please contact me.

Many Thanks,
William R. King Jr.


14106 Carolcrest Circle

Houston, TX 77079


I am interested in sharing information with others about the Lamberts, Deans, Higdons, McWilliams, Hayles and Hendersons of Monroe County. My grandparents were Jahue Columbus Lambert and Jennie Lambert who were married in Frisco City in 1903. My father, O.J. Lambert, was born and raised in Uriah and later moved to Virginia.

Peg Price

P.O. Box 15263

Fritz Creek, AK 99603

(907) 235-2998

I am trying to find out more information about my grandfather, A.G. Lancaster and his family.

Tiffany Lancaster Kircharr

103 Woodland Avenue
Atmore, AL 36502
(334) 368-1998

I am a descendant from Andrew Manning and Arminta Daniel (s) through Jasper Manning and Amanda Thames' son, John T. Manning. I have recently discovered several previously unknown cousins around the country. I would like to hear from anyone related to his line of Mannings and anyone who has information on the parents and siblings of Andrew.

Tom Lee Manning

818 Brookridge Drive

Atlanta, Georgia 30306-3619

I am researching Maxwells from Monroe and Wilcox Counties including David Rumph Maxwell (1832 AL - 1905 TX), James Franklin Maxwell (1832 SC -1904 AL), William A. Maxwell (1800 SC - 1860 AL), Joseph Maxwell (1783 SC- 1865 AL and his wife Elizabeth Bolton Maxwell, his sons (1) Thomas Ledbetter Maxwell, 1829 AL - 1903 AL, and (2) William D. Maxwell, 1821 AL - unk.

Lyndall Maxwell

My great, great grandfather is James (McCorkel) who settled in Monroe County around 1819. He appears in the 1840 census as James McCorkel. I believe that his wife was named Rachel and that their children may have been Lousia (married jacob Bivins?), Rachel (married George Daniel?), James, Robert and Archibald. If you are a descendant or have knowledge of any of the above persons, please contact me. I understand that the courthouse records were burned during or after my ancestors lived there. I would appreciate any suggestions of other possible areas to search that may have information that goes back to 1820 to 1850 Monroe County timeframe.

Don McCorcle

7729 Chattington Drive

Dallas, TX 75248

I am looking for information on any McDuffies in the Monroe and Wilcox County area. Need info about Archibald McDuffie married Nancy Johnson in 1849 in Monroe County, AL If you have any information about their ancestors or descendants, please contact me. Any help would be appreciated.

Joyce Landrum

762 E.E. Damask Avenue

Port St. Lucie, FL 34983


I am searching for James B. McPherson, 10th child of Daniel McPherson and first wife, Mary Ann Munroe. I have a copy of the marriage license from Monroe County, of James B. McPherson and Lula Pittman dated July 31, 1885. They had four children. The youngest, Otis, born June 1891. Lula Pittman McPherson was listed in the census of Mobile County as a widow in 1910. Cannot find any trace of James B.'s death or burial records. Lula is buried in Mobile County. I have heard several stories from the Monroe County relatives. One story was he died in a fire in Midway about 1900, and the other was he killed a man and swam across the river to escape. Possibly there is something in the newspaper's records.

Linda McPherson Glisson

2560 Wagon Tongue Drive
Alabama, 36695
(334) 602-0682

My father was Wilmer Blanchard Medlock, son of Sylvester and Isabel McNeil Medlock. He was born in 1895 in Perdue Hill, Monroe County, Alabama. His siblings, were Maybeth, Maybelle, Sylvester, Askew, Essie and Estelle. Alexer J. Lex Carlton died in Texas at age 14. Leo died in infancy, Edith Gordon Terrell Beckwith Ted. There were also two half brothers, Milton Scott and James from Sylvester's first marriage. I know that Sylvester was born about 1851, and that his mother's name was Eliza. I don't know who her parents were. She was living in the household of Moses Medlock in 1850. In 1860, she was living alone with Sylvester, then listed as 8 years of age and was listed as a widow. I have no record of her husband. According to the cemetery records in McConnico Cemetery, Moses was married to a Nancy. Moses died in 1858 and Nancy in 1863. They had a daughter, Sophia Louisa, who married James. Ray had four children. James Ray died in 1857. Any informantion on the parents and for the husband of Eliza would be greatly appreciated. What if any relation were Moses and Nancy to Eliza.

Thanks for your help.

Emma Medlock Panske

600 Paseo Real

Chaparral NM 88021

I am trying to find out my grandfather's name. He is listed as A.G. Murphy. He was called Chuck. He died in Excel in 1947. His wife's name was Molly Wasden.

Don S. Murphy


I was born in Monroeville September of 58, I have a Brother and a Sister that were born in Monroeville too. We were adopted in 64. I am currently looking for my bioigical Parents. My name was Debra Kay Smyle(or Smiley), My sister was Regina Ann Phillips and my Brother was Harold Phillips. If you know me or my biological parent, please contact me.

Debra Maze

Madison, AL

Does anyone have any information about R.A. Pollard . He gave Monroe County as his birth place on August 25, 1842 , when he applied for Confederate pension. Were his parents Thomas Braxton Pollard and Lydia Waters Franks who were married in Monroe County October 25, 1841? I thought that they were married in Pontotoc County, but I can find no record. Help.
Amelia Forrest Bogard

I'm looking for relations in or around Chestnut. My mother is Marguerite Riley and she had a brother, James Oscar Jr., and five sisters, Mary, Miriam, Elenor, Joyce and Anne. Their father was James Oscar Riley and his wife was Leila Holder Riley, all from Chestnut, Monroe County, Alabama. James and Leila were born around 1898. James father was George Washington Riley and his wife was Sally Robins Riley, both from Chestnut. Leila Holder Riley's father was Charles Elbert Holder and his wife was Martha Elizabeth McNeil. I've just started my ancestral search and maybe that's obvious, but I'd sure love to hear from anyone with some information and especially from one of my long lost relatives.

Joe B. Young

P.O. Box 81
Glenwood, New Mexico 88039
(505) 539 2630

My great grandfather, William Roberson (born 1790, died 1870) and married Elizabeth Bonner (born 1793, died 1875). William moved from S. Carolina to Alabama. He and Elizabeth were living in Lowndes County (then Butler County) in 1816, when their son Tye Roberson was born. Tye married Polly Sills, daughter of Clement and Elizabeth (Betsy) Manning. I would like to hear from anyone who is resarching families who lived in Lowndes County (Butler) during the mid-1800s. I am trying to locate William and Betsy's other children. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Freda Roberson Noble

I am researching the family of Alfred Bennett and Mary Alice Wright Roberson, my grandparents, who live in Excel, Ala. Mary Alice was the daughter of John W. Wright and Eliza Solomon Wright. Alfred was the son of Tye and Polly Sills Roberson. Alfred Bennett and Mary Alice had five daughters and five sons. I would like to hear from any of their descendants.

Freda Roberson Noble

I am just starting my resarch on my family tree and would like to hear from any of my Rowell cousins (or anyone else who knew my mother or grandparents) in Monroe C ounty. My mother was Ernie Elizabeth Rowell, daughter of Steven and Cassie Rowell from Frisco City.

Gloria Crumpler Vester

16038 County Road 617

Farmersville, TX 75442

SOLOMON (Old Texas)
I am searching for information about my great grandparents, John G. and Sarah Solomon, who lived in Old Texas, AL John was born in 1796, in South Carolina, and Sarah, maiden name unknown, in 1797, also in South Carolina. Their daughter, Eliza, married John W. Wright, whose eldest daughter was Mary Alice. Mary Alice married Alfred Bennet Roberson. Mary Alice and Alfred Bennett lived in Excel, AL. Thanks to all you who have written me regarding my previous inquiries. It is great to be gathering so much info about my families.

Freda Roberson Noble

SOLOMON (Frisco City)
I am searching for any information on Jasper "Fate" Solomon of Frisco City, Alabama. He died in the 1960s and is buried at Shiloah Baptist Church Cemetery. He was married to Ella Bailey. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Sharron Story-Cardwell

In search of information on the family of Blondie and Millie Burgess Stallworth, son, Charlie Edward Stallworth born 10 December 1919. Trying to track back ancestory. Any information would be appreciated.

Does the Stallworth family still live in the Pineapple, Beatrice, AL., area. Our family says hi to the people of Monroeville. Are there any more Stallworths in Monroe County?

Margaret Stallworth

8331 Carroll Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45231

Andrew was in the 1816 Monroe County Census. I am trying to find out more about him as he is a direct relation from previous marriage in Franklin, Ind. (1810 approximately). He was supposedly in Monroe until after 1811, but no further information was available. Any information would be appreciated.

Tom W. Rueter

I am looking for anyone related to Richard Talbert of Monroe County. He had a son, Arthur, who later moved to Lauderdale County, MS.

Eleanor Belew

I was born in Mobile, Alabama. My grandfather and grandmother were both born in Monroe County. My grandfather, Boyce Obanion Smith, was born in Uriah, Alabama, on April 24, 1906. His father ran the train there for the Blacksher family. His name was Zack Louis Smith and his wife was Martha Eleizabeth Snider from Frisco City (Jones Mill). My grandmother was born in Bells Landing near Teinla and Hybart. Her name is Alma Laura Hutto Smith. I have been doing genealogy resarch on my family and Monroe County back to 1805 == my 5th great grandfather, William Wiggins, and his wife, Elizabeth Cooper. William Wiggins was born in 1755 in North Carolina and moved his family to Mexia, Monroe County around 1805. At this time he would have been one of the first white settlers in the County. I love Monroe County and everytime I go up there it is like I have always been there. It feels like home. And if anyone ever needs a tour guide, please get in touch. I have been and seen every place there is to see. Tunnel Springs train, tunnel, Reed Hill, Little River, Monroe Museum, Alabama River Lock and Dam, Red Eagle's grave, Bells Landing, Franklin, and many other places. I love Monroe County. It is the most peaceful place in the world.

Boyce Keith Smith

1959 Duval Street
Mobile, Alabama 36606
(334) 479-9030

Searching for information on the Stallworth family. In particular 2 descendants of William Stallworth, Edgefield, S.C., Jemima Tripp.My husband descends from Jemima Stallworth and Mark Butler Travix through their son, Nicholas Stallworth Travis. Most information I do have is from the history of Escambia County, Alabama by Annie Waters. I have not found much in S.C. so far.

Mary Edwards Pace

Tamela Dr.

Lake Charles, LA 70605

(318) 474-3670

I am descendant of Richard Talbert born in 1825 in Monroe County, AL. Richard's father, also Richard Talbert, was born in VA in 1775 and moved to Monroe County in 1813 before Alabama was a state. I am interested in any genealogical information from Monroe County in reference to the Talberts, Simmons, Suttons. My line of Talberts left Monroe County in 1870 moving to China Spring, Texas, after the Civil War. Please contact me if you have any information of my family during their life in Monroe County.

Ted Talbert

313 Ish Street

China Springs, TX 76633

(817) 836-1337

I am looking for information on a James Tinsley Warren. He served in the Civil War and married Mary Frances Gailey in Lawrence, Ala. I believe he might have lived in the Monroe area for a short while. Are you familiar with either of these names or people with the same surnames?

Monica Trippler

I am interested in Monroe County because my ancestors came from Monroe and Wilcox Counties. For the past several year I have been researching old records to try to find out who my ancestors were and found that my family names include Warren, Rachel, Lee, Thompson, Wiggins, among others. If there are any readers who share my ancestry, or know anything about them, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Rubye WarrenTownsley

P.O. Box 3454

Soldotna, AK 99669

(907) 262-7439


In the 125th anniversary edition of The Monroe Journal is an article about John Washington Williamson (19829-66) and his family. no author or reference for the article is given. I would like to hear from anyone who knows about John Washington Williamson. He laived with my great-great grandparents when he was a student. In the US Census, ten years later (1860), he is living down the street from them, married to my great-grandmother's sister Mariah Solomon. I resarch the Solomon, Wright and Roberson families who lived in Old Texas and Excel. I would like to hear from anyone interested in the history of these families.

I am researching the WRIGHT, ROBERSON, REGAN AND SIMS families. Thanks to other researchers, we have infor back to the 1600s and 1700s on all but the ROBERSON family. I lived in Monroeville from 1927 until 1945. Would enjoy hearing from anyone is researching these families.

Freda Roberson Noble

P.O. Box 837

Gualala, CA 95445