TC^3 SCSI Controller FAQ

Q. How many SCSI devices can the TC^3 handle?

A. In our test lab, we have had up to 6 SCSI devices hooked up to the TC^3 on a CoCo 3; however, the TC^3 is capable of addressing up to eight SCSI devices (IDs 0-7). Normally SCSI controllers are assigned ID 7, but the TC^3 doesn't take up an ID, so you can actually have 8 different devices on the bus. Whether or not that's practical, we'll let you decide.

Q. Does the TC^3 support CD-ROMs?

A. Yes, but special software is required to actually use CD-ROMs. Our SuperDriver product can use CD-ROMs under OS-9, but only if the CD-ROM contains an RBF filesystem image (see the SuperDriver FAQ for more information).

Q. Does the TC^3 work under Disk BASIC?

A. Yes, with HDB-DOS.  Cloud-9 distributes HDB-DOS, which is the updated version of RGB-DOS, and the TC^3 is fully supported by that product.

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