The BEST Editor/Formatter Available For Your CoCo 3 and OS-9 Level Two!


Put aside that old, featureless editor that was written in a high-level language and does screen refreshes so slowly that you can count the characters as they are printed. Ved is back! Bob van der Poel's amazing editor is less than 8K in size, but since it is written in fast, efficient 6809 assembler and takes advantage of OS-9's system resources it lacks no features.

In combination with the Vprint text formatter Ved becomes a superior word processor. I/O commands include block save/print, append, etc. But that's not all: everything Ved does is FAST. No more delays!

Standard Features

  • 52,000 character buffer
  • Overstrike/insert mode
  • Adjustable tabs
  • Definable (and savable) macro keys
  • Word delete, block move, copy and delete
  • Auto-indent, global changes, and much more


This dynamite text formatter will take a file produced by any text editor and produce beautifully formatted documents, newsletters, essays or just plain letters. Because of printer initialization files, which you can create or customize, Vprint will work with ANY printer. Not only will it work, it will fully support all the different fonts and type styles you have on your printer. In addition, Vprint will completely support proportional fonts. Why not just take our word for it -- Vprint is the most powerful text formatter available for OS-9 (including competitors like XPRINT, Stylo and Dynastar), and beats the pants off many MS- DOS offerings too.

Standard Features

  • Margins, indents, headers, footers
  • Multiple column output
  • Macros (with optional parameter passing)
  • Internal number registers
  • Footnotes and marginal notes
  • Change bars
  • Automatic indexing/table of contents

Ved (includes 5.25" disk and printed manual) $25 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!
Vprint (includes 5.25" disk and printed manual) $30 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!

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