The Ultimate Operating System for your CoCo!

Now you can get the best operating system for the Color Computer from Cloud-9! NitrOS-9 offers full compatibility with OS-9 Level One and OS-9 Level Two as sold by Tandy, with significant speed improvements and enhancements.

As a convenience to the Color Computer community, Cloud-9 is offering NitrOS-9 on two 5.25" floppy diskettes for small copying and materials fee.

For more information, visit The NitrOS-9 Project Web Site.

Standard Features

  • License free operating system fully compatible with Tandy's OS-9
  • More tools and better drivers than ever before
  • Faster and better than OS-9 Level One or OS-9 Level Two
  • Supports all Color Computers
NitrOS-9/6809 Level 1 (for CoCo 1 and 2) on one 3.5" or two 5.25" diskettes $10+ s/h
NitrOS-9/6809 Level 2 (for CoCo 3) on one 3.5" or two 5.25" diskettes $10+ s/h
NitrOS-9/6309 Level 2 (for CoCo 3 with a Hitachi 6309) on one 3.5" or two 5.25" diskettes $10+ s/h

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