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Hard Disk Performance under Disk BASIC

Originally known as RGB-DOS, our new and improved version is fully compatible with Disk Extended Color BASIC. HDB-DOS supports Cloud-9's SuperIDE Interface and TC^3 SCSI Controller, as well as the Ken-Ton and Disto SCSI controllers and the Glenside IDE Interface!

As a convenience to the Color Computer community, Cloud-9 is offering NitrOS-9 on two 5.25" floppy diskettes for small copying and materials fee.

For more information, visit The ToolShed Project .

Standard Features

  • Supports up to 256, 35 track single sided virtual floppy disks, depending upon hard drive size. 84MB gives you 256 virtual floppies.
  • Enhanced keyboard editor with FlexiKey.
  • Improved Disk BASIC syntax.
  • Auomatic program execution upon boot -- customize your startup!
  • Boot right to OS-9 at power-up from the hard drive!
  • Co-exists nicely with OS-9 partitions on the same drive.
  • Comprehensive user manual.
  • EPROM version in 24/28 pin IC's.
HDB-DOS Specifications
Feature Description
Supported SCSI Drives SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 compliant hard drives, SCSI IDs 0-7.
Supported IDE Drives LBA and C/H/S mode IDE drives, master and slave.
Supported Computers All Color Computers

HDB-DOS 1.1D with EPROM burned to your specifications Email for details

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