TC^3 SCSI Controller
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Full SCSI Support for your CoCo

Never before has the CoCo had this many storage options! SCSI is the way to go on your Color Computer with up to 8 devices supported on a single bus. We've used various size hard drives and even CD-ROMs on this controller with amazing success. 100% compatible with OS-9 (using our SuperDriver software) and BASIC (using our HDB-DOS product). Given the fact that SCSI controllers are harder and harder to find, this is a great product if you want to bring mass storage options to your CoCo.

Standard Features

  • Support for 256, 512, 1024 and 2048 byte sector devices
  • Eight SCSI addresses (0-7) supported
  • Software support for full 24 bit sector addressing, up to 4 GB drive support
  • Parity generation, allows use of parity devices like iomega JAZ/ZIP drives
  • Totally selectable I/O range
  • Gold plated card edge connector
  • Optional Real-Time Clock
  • SCSI-3 non-disconnect mode supported
  • Y-cable compatible (Pro-Tector recommended for this configuration)
A Solid History

The TC^3 SCSI Controller has been in operation in numerous Color Computer systems since its debut in 1996. Our customers have raved about the quality and performance of this controller, and for good reason. It is born of good design, low part count and quality components. All of these characteristics make for a product that draws low power and gives the CoCo community the best SCSI controller available.

TC^3 SCSI Specifications
Feature Description
Interface Chip Custom Programmable 84 pin Altera Max
Maximum Supported SCSI Devices 8 total (0-7)
Real-Time Clock (Optional) Dallas Semiconductor DS1315
Address Range $FF00-$FF76
Number of Address Locations 2 (one for data read/write, the other for status)
External Connector 50 pin male dual row header
Supported Computers Tandy Color Computers 1, 2 and 3
Supported Devices We have tested numerous hard drives and CD-ROMs successfuly with this product

TC^3 SCSI Controller (with Real-Time Clock) $70 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!
TC^3 SCSI Controller (without Real-Time Clock) $55 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!

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