DOS Adapter
Bring Larger EPROMS To Your Disk Controller!

Give your vintage disk controller a boost with DOS Adapter. This product adapts 2764 and 27128 28-pin EPROMs to controllers that have antiquated 24-pin ROM sockets that accommodate the rare and hard to find 68766.

Not only does DOS Adapter provide you with the ability to use 28-pin ROMs, it also allows you to switch between two 8K banks when using a 27128 EPROM. Now you can have the standard Disk BASIC ROM in the lower 8K bank, and a customized DOS in the upper 8K bank. All selectable via a jumper!

Please note that the EPROM is NOT included.

Standard Features

  • Adapts 2764 and 27128 EPROMs to 24-pin footprints.
  • Can accommodate two 8K DOS's on a 27128.
  • Fits virtually all disk controllers.
DOS Adapter
$25 + s/h

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