IDE CompactFlash Adapter
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Use CompactFlash Media As A Hard Drive!

CompactFlash is a widely used storage medium for digital cameras, and if you own a Glenside IDE interface, you can now bring this fast, inexpensive storage to your Color Computer!

This adapter is engineered to mate standard Type I CompactFlash cards to the any IDE interface easily and transparently. Existing IDE drivers work with no needed changes.

A world of possibilities opens up for your computer with this product. It's great for embedded applications, where a bulky floppy or hard disk controller and drives are just too much. It also makes a great hard drive replacement: no moving parts and no risk of hard drive head crashes.

Please note that the CompactFlash card is NOT included.
Also, CompactFlash is NOT hot-swappable.

Standard Features

  • Mates directly to any standard IDE connector, including the Glenside IDE board
  • Type I socket
  • Configurable as master or slave
  • Activity LED built on board.
  • Accepts power from a standard floppy connector
  • Runs virtually all CompactFlash cards from 8MB up to 1GB and larger
  • Works on all Color Computers, under NitrOS-9 and HDB-DOS
  • Also works on PCs!

NOTE! When ordering, please specify MB (motherboard) or CE (cable-end) version. The MB version has a 40 pin FEMALE connector and mates directly to a motherboard. The CE version has a 40 pin MALE adapter and connects to an IDE cable.


IDE CompactFlash Adapter (Motherboard version-Shown Above)
$14 + s/h
IDE CompactFlash Adapter (Cable-End version)
$14 + s/h

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