SuperDriver/CD-ROM/RTSI CD Combo
Yes, a CD-ROM on your CoCo!

Combine the power of our SuperDriver software with a SCSI CD-ROM Drive and our RTSI CD containing the latest CoCo OS-9 software from Real-Time Systems' RTSI archive site!

We've downloaded the entire archive of CoCo OS-9 and RS-DOS software from RTSI and now you can access all of the files right from your CoCo system!

Standard Features

  • IBM CR-506-B 8X CD-ROM with data sheet
  • SuperDriver Driver Package for NitrOS-9
  • "RBF" CD containing all CoCo OS-9 and RS-DOS software from RTSI's Internet archive
SuperDriver/CD-ROM/RTSI CD Combo $65 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!

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