AT Keyboard Interface
A "Real" Keyboard For Your CoCo

The wide-spread use and availability of PC-AT keyboards have made them a necessity when working with computers.  If you would like to bring that advantage to your CoCo, then the AT Keyboard Interface is for you.

Standard Features

  • Utilizes any standard PC-AT keyboard
  • Emulates the CoCo keyboard -- no special drivers!
  • Allows programming of macro keys for repetitive keystrokes
  • CTRL-ALT-DELETE performs RESET sequence
  • Includes detailed instructions on mounting
  • Includes remote mounting kit
Installation Is A Snap!

No soldering is required to install the AT Keyboard Interface. Just open up your Color Computer and follow the easy to read instructions that come with the interface, and in minutes your CoCo will be ready to accept a PC-AT keyboard!

AT Keyboard Interface Specifications

Feature Description
Supported Computers All Color Computer, CoCo 1-3.

AT Keyboard Inteface (does not include keyboard) 60 + s/h

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