Lesson Plans

Below are a few of the lesson plans that I've created. Feel free to use them in your classroom!

String Trade: This lesson deals with the concept of global interdependence and was created for a high school Social Studies class.

The Nacerima: This lesson was designed for 8th graders and focuses on the concept of culture based on an article about the "Nacerima."

Media Analysis and Gender Roles: Just what the title suggests! This lesson uses advertisements from popular magazines to help illustrate the concepts of culture and gender roles. Designed for 9th graders.

Interdisciplinary Unit-The Muckrakers: This thematic unit covers the Progressive era. Lesson plans and assessment methods are also included. The unit is interdisciplinary and is based on the middle school concept.

Archaeological Dig Project: This is a performance based assessment designed for a Global Studies class and evaluates the students knowledge of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India, and Mesopotamia.

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