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Moefield, Larryton and Curlyville RR

360 Panoramic view of Layout

Let's start with a little bit about the layout, this is the 4th layout I have built (2 HO and now my second N gauge). I started building the ML&C in January 2003, I had purchased a layout along with rolling stock, buildings and supplies used from another hobbyist. The layout itself was disassembled and I have been using the track, turnouts and other items from that layout to make the ML&C. The benchwork is all new construction, it is a closed grid design constructed with 2x3x8 lumber and 5/8 plywood. I predrilled holes in the 2x3 to pass wires through them before assembly (refer to the first sentence, this is my 4th layout). The dimensions of the layout is roughly 8' x 15' with the height of the benchwork being 40" (tall engineer).

Track: All of the track is Atlas flex track, the turnouts for the main lines and yards are all remote, the only manual switches are for the shortline that runs behind the passenger yard. The track lies upon cork roadbed and is soldered together in spots where a joint falls in the middle of a curve (you can refer again to this being my 4th layout).

Track Power Stuff: The layout is non DCC, it is the old fashioned setup using blocks. I used insulators on one of the rails and use DPST switches that are connected to 2 transformers.

Era: I have always liked the time when steam and diesel shared the same rails, it was a time when a transition was taking place, old technology to new. The roadnames that I use on the ML&C are the ones that ran in upstate New York during that time. Maybe at some point I will try and paint my own engines ML&C (colors being black and white of course).

Disclaimer: A note about the name of my layout, as we know it is illegal to use the likeness or names of famous people without their consent. So to clear up any confusion as to how the name was conceived, it does not make reference to any comedy team living or deceased, it contains the names of 3 ficticious towns (really, look on a map), to use the names of the greatest comedy team ever, well I guess you would have to be a Puddin Head.

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