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Album Cover-The Road Less Traveled
Album Cover-Caught in the Middle
Album Cover-Home Town







Here are links to the current Songwriter Notes:


#1 – “Seasons With You”

#2 – “The Good House Is Built Upon A Rock”

#3 – “All They Say Is Progress”

#4 – “Musician’s Prayer”

#5 – “Your Local Star”

#6 – “Leavin’ All Our Troubles Far Behind”

#7 – “Set Yourself Free”

#8 – “Shake the Dust Off Your Sandals”

#9 – “The Ballad of Bruce Weaver”

#10 – “Caught in the Middle”

#11 – “Home Town”

#12 – “Ridin’ Down the Back Roads”

#13 – “Sometimes You’ve Got To Do What You Can”

#14 – “Chasin’ the Sun”

#15 – “The Underrated One”

#16 – “D.E.A.D.”

#17 – “High School”

#18 – “Put Another Trophy on the Shelf”

#19 – “Don’t Sit on the Sidelines”

#20 – “Tricklin’ to the Top”

#21 – “The Circle Comes Around Again”

#22 – “Crystals”

#23 – “Boogie Woogie Therapy”

#24 – “Saturday Morning”

#25 – “The Road Less Traveled”

#26 – “I Just Try to Move the Chains”

#27 – “The Right Thing To Do”

#28 – “Simplify”

#29 – “Your Local Star”

#30 – “Blue Highways”

#31 – “Ridin’ Down the Back Roads”

#32 – “Cool Hand Tuite”



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