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and, in Shortsville, at Buffalo Bill’s Family Restaurant & Tap Room.

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Musical Notes


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                   The Latest Album - 2008

Road Less Traveled Album Cover                    



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Meyer & McGuire The Road Less Traveled


Boogie Woogie Therapy - Dedicated to Kathy Cooley, the first person to say, “Hey, I like that song!”  Inspired by Siobhan’s bass playing.

Saturday Morning - Dedicated to Steve Austin and Ryan Smith, two guys who always want to hear this one.  Inspired by the setting of our back yard.

The Road Less Traveled - Dedicated to our “children,” the music that has come from our hearts and souls.  Inspired by Robert Frost.

I Just Try to Move the Chains - Dedicated to all those who try to achieve a little bit of success each day.  Inspired by Stu Silver and Bill Mallwitz.

The Right Thing to Do (Wayne’s Song) - Dedicated to Wayne Schenk and Dom Gallo, two of Naples’ finest.  Inspired by Bill Mallwitz during an evening of “talking rubbish” at Buffalo Bill’s.

Simplify - Dedicated to all my students who have chosen to follow their hearts.  Inspired by Henry David Thoreau.

Your Local Star - Because we love them and they deserve it, this is, again, dedicated to the patrons of Buffalo Bill’s.  Thanks, Bill, Robin, & Lady Meredith (aka Devil Daughter).  Inspired by an evening at Buffalo Bill’s.

Blue Highways - Dedicated to all the wonderful people we have met in the small towns connected by the “blue highways.”  Inspired by William Least Heat-Moon, and the patrons from places like The Main Street Café (aka Rose Corner), Jose and Willy’s, Maloney’s Pub, etc.

Ridin’ Down the Back Roads - Still dedicated to those who, like us, have been fortunate enough to find love and share dreams.  “Siobhan, I think we missed the turn.”  Inspired by a ride to the Night Eagle Café in Oxford, NY.

Cool Hand Tuite (Shakin’ the Bush) - Dedicated to Mike Petzing, Jimmy Tuite, and the rest of the Petzings and Tuites at Shamrock Jack’s.  Inspired by Mike Petzing and Jack Daniels.

The Best Laid Plans - Dedicated to Riley and McMeyer, “guys like us.”  Inspired by John Steinbeck and Stephen King.

Seasons With You - Still dedicated to the greatest woman ever.  Siobhan, where'd I put my coffee?  Also dedicated to Judy Smith, a good friend who always asks for this one.  Inspired by a walk on Chapel Street in Canandaigua, NY.

At Wally’s on Blood Alley - Dedicated to Rick “Wally” Binder, a great guy who has supported our music for over a decade.  Inspired by the regulars at Wally’s, a family we deeply love.

Musician’s Prayer - Because we love them and they deserve it, this is, again, dedicated to John and Joe Dady, and all those who put their lives on the line for the sake of art.  Inspired by an evening at Captain Yogi’s in Rushville, NY.

All songs written by Frank Meyer

Musical Notes


    The First from Meyer & McGuire – 1998


Caught in the Middle album cover




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LEAVING ALL OUR TROUBLES FAR BEHIND - Dedicated to Squire and Lady Jacque. They graciously shared with us that the fine art of sippin' good Tennessee bourbon is one of the secrets to good living.

SHAKE THE DUST OFF YOUR SANDALS - Dedicated to Luke and the boys. Their books are still on our best seller list.

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE - Dedicated to those who appreciate and support our music. Through you we have learned that washing down a beef jerky with a cappuccino ain't bad.

RIDIN' DOWN THE BACK ROADS - Dedicated to those who, like us, have been fortunate enough to find love and share dreams. "Siobhan, I think we missed the turn."

CHASIN' THE SUN - Dedicated to McMeyer and Riley. Guys, it only counts if the animal is alive when you catch it. There is no partial credit for roadkill.

D.E.A.D. - Dedicated to Al Cretney and the memory of Karey Windheim. Each has contributed greatly to making us aware of the potential dangers of drugs and alcohol.

THE GOOD HOUSE IS BUILT UPON A ROCK - Dedicated to the good citizens of Saugerties, N.Y. Thanks for depicting the true meaning of love. You have played a major role in developing the beautiful relationship we have.

PUT ANOTHER TROPHY ON THE SHELF - Inspired by those who view truth as negativity, and dedicated to those who constantly struggle to face the harshness and humor of the ugly truth. Remember, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty."--John Keats (Thanks, Sandy.)

TRICKLIN' TO THE TOP - Dedicated to Jimmy Buffett. The song emerged after we read some of Jimmy's autobiographical sketches in his Tales from Margaritaville. Like Jimmy and his mentor, Freddy Fishstick, we plan to "bop until we drop."

MUSICIAN'S PRAYER - Dedicated to John and Joe Dady, and all those who put their lives on the line for the sake of art.

All songs written by Frank Meyer


                     The First Album - 1993

Home Town album cover                    



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YOUR LOCAL STAR - Dedicated to the patrons of Buffalo Bill's. Thanks Robin and Bill.

SET YOURSELF FREE - Dedicated to all the women who allowed me to discover me.

ALL THEY SAY IS PROGRESS - Dedicated to Steve and Eric. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

THE BALLAD OF BRUCE WEAVER - Dedicated to Emerson, who allowed me to discover the importance of all of us. Thanks Ralph.

SEASONS WITH YOU - Dedicated to the greatest woman ever. Siobhan, where'd I put my coffee?

HOME TOWN - Dedicated to all the people who produce and attend such events as the Otto Family Picnic, Crudele Fish Bake, and Captain Taeschner's Euchre Party.

SOMETIMES YOU'VE GOT TO DO WHAT YOU CAN - Dedicated to the members of the "Friday Afternoon Choir". It's just between you and me, Floyd.

THE UNDERRATED ONE - Dedicated to the members of the infantry who enter the trenches with me every day. Jim, thanks for selecting me to be in your platoon.

HIGH SCHOOL - This is not a great song, but it's the one you'll be humming for days after you hear it.

DON'T SIT ON THE SIDELINES - Dedicated to all those students who have made me their confidant. Wipe off those sweaty palms and go for it!

THE CIRCLE COMES AROUND AGAIN - Dedicated to Period 5-6 of 1988-89. Joe, put down the airplane.

CRYSTALS - Dedicated to all the transcendental poets who inspired me to acquiesce to all experiences. George, where is the toilet paper?

All songs written by Frank Meyer

Musical Notes



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