Meyer & McGuire

Classics Originals

Eclectic Acoustic Music at its Almost Finest

(Reflective of such greats as Jimmy Buffett, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, John Prine, and Jim Croce)

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Meyer & McGuire Playing Superbowl SundayUpcoming Performances:

Sat., Feb. 25: Braddock Bay Tavern & Grill, 372 Manitou Rd., Hilton, NY, 6 PM to 9 PM, (585) 392-3370 (Guest Joe Dady on fiddle, banjo, harmonica, guitar, whistle, etc.)


Thur., Mar. 2:††††††† Singer/Songwriters in the Side Room (a concert series), Presents Brian Ayers in the side room of Buffalo Billís Family Restaurant and Taproom, 19 Main Street, Shortsville, NY, 7 PM to 9 PM, (585) 289-4104 (no cover charge, but donations for performer gratefully accepted) (event produced by Meyer and McGuire, 585-394-8929)


Fri., Mar. 3:††††††††† Rylie Jís, 38 Seneca Street, Geneva, NY, 6 PM to 9 PM, (315) 759-6050 (Geneva Night Out!Happy Hour! Drink Specials!Chicken wings, cheese and crackers, and other bar snacks!)



Whether their presence is unobtrusive or conspicuous, Meyer & McGuire generate a great deal of energy in their shows.While some of their songs invite listening, most of them encourage audience participation...Those who attend a Meyer & McGuire performance will often find themselves singing and clapping along to the sounds of classic folk, country, rock, bluegrass, blues, Irish, Caribbean, and original tunes.Their performance will generate an unpretentious warmth that will open the heart and soul.


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