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Meet Notes - Preliminary

Hotline: 585-377-5650

Registrar E-mail: Michael.Lyons at xerox dot com

To contact us:

· Mendon Ponds Park; parking at West Lodge on Canfield Road

· Course Setter’s notes are available.

· There will be a walk to the start, which is located at the arena, about 1200m from parking.  Bring supplies to stay at the arena after you finish, for great spectator opportunities!

· Five courses will be available:

> Blue/F-21+

> Red (but not F-21+)

> Green

> Brown/Orange

> Yellow/White

· Course Setter: William Hawkins

· This will be held on a newly updated map, with a 1:4000 scale and using ISOM specifications (with some exceptions covered in the Course Setter’s Notes)

· Expected winning times: 12-15 minutes on each course

US Sprint Championships

· Mendon Ponds Park; parking at West Lodge on Canfield Road

· Course Setter’s notes are available.

· There will be about a 10 minute (700m) walk to the start

· Course setter: Rob Holmes

· This will be held on an existing map, with a 1:10000 scale

· Expected winning times:

> M-21+ and F-21+ 35 min.

> Other courses 25-30 min. [subject to change]

· Course Statistics:

> White—2.26km; 50m climb (11 controls)

> Yellow—2.55km; 60m (10)

> Orange—2.87km; 140m (12)

> Brown—2.95km; 85m (13)

> Green X—3.59km; 195m (15)

> Green Y—3.55km; 190m (15)

> Red X—4.57km; 220m (17)

> Red Y—4.41km; 195m (17)

> Blue—5.60km; 245m (17)

Middle Distance A-Meet Event

· Rattlesnake Hill; parking at Ossian Community Center (directions available on the directions page)

· Map and Course notes are available.

· There will be a bus to the start, so plan accordingly.  A bus will leave every 15 minutes, for a 10-15 minute trip; you should plan on being ready for the bus at least 45 minutes before your start time (first bus at 8am).

· This area previously hosted a mini-rogaine, using the base map

· A model area is available, on Friday and Saturday ONLY.  For maps, see here for 1:15 and here for 1:10.  Detailed directions to the model are available here.

· Course Setters: Dick Detwiler and Linda Kohn

· Mapping to standard orienteering specifications was completed by Mark Dominie in 2009

· Expected winning times are based on the guidelines that have been proposed as updates to the USOF rules (140-180 minutes for Blue; 120-150 minutes for F-21+ on Red; proportionally longer for other courses, except White).  This has led to the following distances:

> White—2.4km 70m climb (7 controls)

> Yellow—5.2km; 180m (12)

> Orange—7.7km; 250m (11)

> Short Brown—4.4km; 155m (7)

> Brown—7.7km; 245m (10)

> Green X—10.3km; 340m (12)

> Green Y—10.1km; 300m (10)

> Red X—14.6km; 475m (13)

> Red Y—14.1km; 365m (14)

> Blue—19.1km; 535m (17)

US Ultra Long Championships