Mark Barnes

About:  Mark is a singer, guitarist and keyboardist fulfilling a long-held ambition to
perform with a group devoted to the music of the most influential pop group of all time.
When he's not on the road with Plastic Soul or tweaking his Vox amplifiers and "traveling guitar museum" (as bandmate John Smales calls it), Mark is a self-described "country lawyer" practicing in his hometown of Waterville, NY.

Mark says: "Being the guitarist in a Beatles 'power trio' is the most fun (and
biggest challenge!) I've ever had as a musician.  And, to have the opportunity to
perform the music I've loved since the age of five for live audiences -- and with friends
as immensely talented as John & Jon --  is truly special."
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Hometown:  Waterville, NY
Birthday: May 7 (Taurus)
Instruments: Guitar, keyboards
Food: Italian or French
Drink: A world-class Belgian Abt/Quadrupel
Movie:  Goldfinger
Beatles album: Rubber Soul
Non-Beatles album: Getz/Gilberto
Any number of '70s pop crooners
Would like to meet: Les Paul or George Martin
Mark's stage gear: Front: 2000 Gibson J-160E Acoustic-Electric; 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard;  2002 Fender "Rocky" Stratocaster; 2003 Gretsch Country Classic; 1967 Gretsch "Chet Atkins" Tennessean;  Rear: 1966 Vox Buckingham 2x12 cab & trolley w/ Celestion Alnico "Blue" speakers; 1996 Vox AC15 amplifier (custom mods by Don "Toneman" Butler, Los Angeles, CA).  Pictured below: 1992 Rickenbacker 360/12v64.  Not pictured: Boss TU-1 Tuner; Marshall ED-1 Compressor; Neumann KMS-105 vocal microphone.