John Smales

About: John comes to PLASTIC SOUL with a background as a successful solo acoustic
guitarist and singer, a career he pursued full-time for well over a decade.   When he's not
toting his Hofner bass, John quotes Shakespeare for fun and profit in the role of a high
school English instructor . . .

John says: "We aren't a pretty band, and others may reproduce the Beatles' sound more
accurately, but I know that for my part, I feel every note--and when Jon and I lock in
behind Mark on those solos--something happens and the three of us become one person,
and that three-headed monster is in your face."
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John's stage gear: Hofner 500/1 bass (Vintage '62); Pyramid flatwound strings; Ampeg V4BH bass amplifier; Ampeg SVT 15-E cabs (x2).
Hometown: Rome, NY
Birthday: May 14 (Taurus)
Instruments:  Guitar & piano
Food:  Freshly baked multi-grain bread
Drink: Earl Grey Tea
Movie:  Casablanca
Beatles album:  A Hard Day's Night
Non-Beatles album: Only the Lonely
(Frank Sinatra)
James Douglas Morrison & Brian Wilson
Would like to meet: "Her"