Deral Carson

My name is Deral Carson.  I very much enjoyed looking through your site information.  I was stationed there with Gene Bashaw from July 79 to July 80.  At the time, I was a Weapons Tech for the Weapons controllers.  I cross trained as I left there and became an Air Traffic Controller, which I still do today.  I retired in 1997, and I now manage the Ohio State University Airport control tower .  While Indian Mountain definitely had it's bad times, it also had many good times for me.  It is certainly one of the most memorable parts of my career.  The one thing I remember most is when NORAD messed up, thinking a training tape at command was real.  They flushed everything and put us at DEFCON 2.  It didn't last very long.
Here are some additional picts if you can make use of them:
Bear.jpg  Made for some exiting times.  These bears actually got into the chow hall once.  I cannot remember the civilian's name in this picture, but he had no idea the bear had gotten that close to him.  You should have seen him go back in when he figured it out!
Buck Promo: This is me.  Cooks made a cake for my promotion, as seemed to be the tradition with everyone (along with the bear soaking at your send off).
Dec 21:  This was the shortest day of the year.  I took this picture at high noon.  You can see that the sun only made it half way up.  Very depressing time for all.
Deral Carson.jpg  Gene and I loved to shoot--especially muzzle loaders like I'm holding.  In my spare time (which seemed to not be a problem finding spare time) I built this gun.  Nobody seemed to mind until I finished it--then the 1st shirt wanted the barrel in the armory!
Tarmigan:  I'm not sure if this bird was truly called a Tarmigan (it's just what everyone called them).  Anyway, the bird does a great job of blending in.  I think I took this up on Twin Peak.