May 14th-15th, 1864

First Major Battle in the Campaign for Atlanta, Ga.


Above is a Picture of a Battle taking place between the 9th. Illinois Mounted Infantry

and the Georgia Military Institute Cadets Near Resaca, Georgia on May 14th., 1864

Very good Picture of how hard the fighting was at Resaca and how Desperate it was.

On the 14th of May(1864) the Regiment took the advance without any other Cavalry support.

The Infantry was a considerable distance in the rear. Very early morning we engaged the

Confederate Cavalry. Losing several men in killed and wounded - among the latter Lt. Col. Phillips

The infantry came up at double-quick to our support and ended the fight. Our regiment followed

up the retreating Confederates "with dash and persistency." It was during the advance that the day

that we came in contact with the Georgia Cadets from the Military Institute at Marietta, who had

come out of the woods at Resaca and formed their line behind a rail.


Above is the Battle Flag of the 10th. South Carolina Infantry

Who fought here at Resaca, Ga. and it shows the long hard fought War Scares

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