The 60th Alabama Infantry

James Anderson Long my great grandfather was in Company H

This regiment was formed by consolidating four companies of the First battalion of Hilliard's Legion with six companies of the Third battalion. The first battalion, seven companies, went out with Jack Thorington of Montgomery as lieutenant colonel, and John H. Holt of Montgomery as major;* and the Third battalion, six companies, went out with John W. A. Sanford of Montgomery as lieutenant colonel, and Hatch Cook of Georgia as major. The operations of the Hilliard Legion are given in the memoranda of the Fifty-ninth Alabama. At Chicamauga, the First battalion lost 168 killed and wounded of 230 engaged, and the third battalion lost 50 killed and wounded of 219 engaged. Organized at Charleston, Tennessee, Nov. 25, 1863, the Sixtieth passed through the trials and perils of the winter campaign in east Tennessee. In the spring it reached Richmond, and lost heavily at Drewry's, where the regiment was complimented on the field by Gen. Gracie, as the Third battalion had been at Chicamauga by Gen. Preston of Kentucky. The regiment was in the trenches at Petersburg for eight months, and lost continually by the almost incessant shelling. At White-oaks Road and Hatcher's Run the Sixtieth was fully engaged, and its loss was severe. At Appomattox, "when the news of the surrender was receved, its men were huzzaing over a captured battery and a routed foe."** The regiment there numbered 165, rank and file. Thorington succeeded Hilliard as colonel of the legion and Holt was thereupon promoted, but killed at Chicamauga. Daniel S. Troy of Montgomery became major and lieutenant colonel, after Col. Holt. ** Sergeant-major Lewellyn A. Shaver of Montgomery, who has published (1867) a very interesting volume about the Sixtieth. Field and Staff Colonels-John W. A. Sanford of Montgomery. Lieut. Colonels-Daniel S. Troy of Montgomery; wounded at Drewry's; wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run. Majors-Hatch Cook of Georgia; killed at White Oaks Road. Adjutants-James N. Gilmer of Montgomery. Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came. Coosa-Thomas H. Smith. Montgomery-David A. Clark; died of wounds received at Appomattox. Montgomery-Peter M. McEachen. Pike-John McReless. Pike-George Boatwright; resigned. S. A. Williams; wounded at White Oaks Road. Chambers-John W. Smith; wounded at White Oaks Road. Lowndes-W. H. Zeagler. Butler -- .... Tarbutton; wounded; retired. G. A. Tarbutton; wounded at White Oaks Road. State of Georgia-Robert B. Lockhart. Henry-James W. Stokes.
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