-------new recording soon--have to finish up a couple of things--give us about 4 months---------->the seven inch has arrived. if you would like one, email me. they're only 4.00 dollars postpaid. for four songs. quick mathematical skills will easily allow you to see that's only a dollar per song. and its a 7". not a shitty cd-r. fuck those things. email

+++++there's only about 13 seven inch's inquire soon...or be on ebay later...

-------->shirts are 5 dollars postpaid. just let me know your size. the front says the bands name with a stencil of a rifle. and the back says "guns don't kill children but George bush's do"  sure to pleeze (blatant slade rip-off) everyone's parents and gun toting nationalist nutballs that are springing up like weeds these days.

-------->also, I met mike watt and handed him a 7". the first song on our platter is dedicated to him and d. boon. he said he would play it on his radio show. if he does I will be in heaven (even though I know there's not such a thing, but y'know what I mean) what a lovely fellow and he encouraged us to keep it up, so we are stubborn and must obey. all kidding aside, it was so cool to meet one of my idols and it was even cooler he told us to stick with it. onward with the spiel.

--------->thanks to everybody for coming out to the shows and bouncing about and singing along and everything else.

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detour records - overseas orders can be directed here. punk/mod/soul records. lovely Canadian skinhead rock and roll.
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