The Rochester Music Coalition is an organization set up to create a thriving, profitable music community in Rochester NY. The RMC is made up of musicians, club owners, radio stations, press, record stores, recording studios, promoters, and all others who support the art of music in our area. The coalition will work to build a Rochester music scene that our community and the nation can enjoy.


It is the policy of the Rochester Music Coalition to support and promote the art of music and the musicians who create it regardless of genre.  We will support and promote musical events, activities and institutions in a way that establishes our city as a “world class” musical center.  We will strive to make Rochester a city where musicians can live and work in an environment that recognizes the valuable contribution they make to the community’s life, vitality and growth.  We will form musician, government and business partnerships and use our resources to create economic development and community pride.


To provide a supportive, creative and healthy  environment where musicians can live and work, making a decent living from their art.  To create a unified atmosphere between musicians and all others involved with the art of music.

Eventually to be a one-stop resource of information for everything musical in our community.

Sponsor fund rasing events - using the funds raised to increase exposure for musicians in the press and on ALL radio/TV stations operating in the Monroe County area in order to evolve and elevate the live music experience.  Promote giving local artists airplay throughout the WHOLE 24 hour broadcast day not only at some extremely late time slot when only a very small part of the population is even awake.  Use existing cable access and mainstream TV  stations to create local music video programs and an outlet for broadcasting live performances  – our own Rochester version of MTV/VH1. Establish a liaison position at each radio/TV station that works with the RMC and the bands to get proper bios, demo CD’s, videos etc to submit for airplay consideration.

Concerts/Festivals/Musical Events  – encourage promoters to be more open to having local artists that play ORIGINAL music at city/county-funded events and to open for national acts that come through Rochester. Create a series of festivals or weekly concerts featuring local music of all genres and bring these events to ALL areas of the city not just certain sectors. Work to develop new and/or expand musical resources and venues throughout our city, including our diverse residential neighborhoods.  Establish a “Floating Festival Tent” using different parks throughout Monroe County and vacant areas throughout the city for new musical events.  Create cross cultural music events at local clubs (Example: The RMC presents the Upstate Music Series”) that would feature artists performing several different types of music at each event, showcasing the diverse talent we have and promote unification of the music community. Encourage citizens to actively support and participate in musical activities in a way that encourages more interaction which will build and strengthen our community.

Encourage musicians, musical institutions and businesses of all types to be partners with each other in the development, enhancement and promotion of our city becoming the musical center for our region. Utilize our musical heritage and current assets as an economic development tool to create growth opportunities and to foster a sense of community spirit and pride.

Establish our city as a place for the music industry to look for artists that should be recognized and promoted on a national level, working with the tourism board to bring this type of recognition to our city.  Create city or corporate sponsored free artist showcases for record labels and other music related businesses to come and see the talent we have (Convention Center as a possible site) on a regular basis. This will eventually bring new business and citizens to the area. Further develop, and protect our city’s musical resources as unique assets that contribute to our city’s vitality and “sense of place” not only within our region but the country as a whole.


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