On September 11th of 2001:
A horrendous deed beyond description was done
Our lives were forever changed on that fateful day
Unfortunately for us all, in a very tragic way
In a flash of light, there was a fire in the sky
Oh my God! Oh my God! was the resounding cry
Two mighty towers crumbled down to the ground
Like ash from a volcano the debris it rained down
The heart of our government, it was hit too
Not by an army, but by the hands of a few
Terror has come like a thief in the night
Now many are dead or suffering from this horrible plight
Peace - often taken for granted, is a fragile, very precious thing
For which our forefathers fought to let our freedom ring
Now our enemies have come to take it away
God can you help us? We beg you! We pray!
Funny how times of trouble can make strangers unite
We must stand together - we must stand and fight
To keep our country, it's freedom and our peace alive
To cut terror at it's roots and never let it survive!

Written By - LJ FULLERTON - 9/13/01
(Copyright 2001)

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