How to join the Rochester Rock, Ice & Snow Climbing Club

The meetings are open to the general public and dues are not required.  However, those wishing to join the club should give or send dues to the club's treasurer.  The adult dues is $10 per year and $5 for high school students and those younger.  Our fiscal year runs from September 1st to August 31st.  Dues-paying members are entitled to area outdoor store discounts and borrowing access to the club's library materials.  Discounts of 30% (25% on other than EMS brands) apply at EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) on their club discount days, which is generally twice a year.  Be sure to take your membership card with you when you go.  For those joining the club, checks should be given or sent to our treasurer and made payable to RRISCC or Rochester Rock, Ice & Snow Climbing Club.  The treasurer's address is:

Henry Hamlin
1490 East Av.
Rochester, NY  14610


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