February 2020 Meeting

We will meet on February 11th at the business center of the company Emerge at 7 pm.  Hope you will reserve the date.  No need to respond if you will be attending --  just show up.  There is no admittance fee.  Refer to link below for Google map.

Bob Loce will present information/photos of hypoxic training for acclimation with a return to Cotopaxi.  Bob is a patent technical specialist at Datto and a former research fellow at Xerox and PARC. He does most of his mountaineering locally in the winter up in the Adirondacks and occasionally climbs big mountains. He will share his experience with hypoxic training for acclimation and a return trip to Cotopaxi and neighboring mountains. Bob will bring the hypoxic training device, describe how to best use it, some related nutritional information, and attempt to describe some of the biological effects. The climbs were on the stratovolcanic mountains of Ecuador in the Andes, namely Rucu Pichincha (15,696'), Corazón (15,715'), and Cotopaxi (19,347') with Ecuadorian guide Fredy Tipán. He will compare acclimation on this trip to previous acclimations.

bob loce


Emerge, 412 Linden Avenue, Rochester, NY 14625


Other Information

Those who wish to join RRISCC officially by paying the annual dues amount of $10.00 can do so for our current fiscal year September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020 by sending a check to Molly (Mcbride) Hickey.  Her address can be found here

And, dues-paying members can borrow library materials belonging to the club and Stu Milligan which are listed here.  Also, only dues-paying persons can vote on most business matters.  Upon receipt of the membership fee, a membership card would be mailed to you.

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