February 2018 Meeting

We will meet on February 13th in an upstairs meeting room of the Country Club of Rochester at 7 pm.  They will provide coffee & cookies, etc.  The cost will be $5 per head.  Hope you have the evening free.  Please notify Mary Starkweather if you plan to come, or even if you might come.  Otherwise it'll be assumed you won't be coming.  We have to provide CCR with numbers of people expected to show up.  Lawrence Creature is the featured presenter.

As Everest climbers walk through the Khumbu valley on their way to base camp, they pass one of the most unspeakably beautiful mountains in the world, Ama Dablam.  In his day, Sir Edmund Hillary was said to have called it unclimbable.  Today's modern tools and techniques make it more approachable, but it still holds many Himalayan-scale surprises.  Please join Lawrence Creatura as he describes his summit attempt on one of the most coveted peaks in the world, Ama Dablam.

Ama Dablam


Rochester Country Club, 2935 East Av., Rochester, NY 14610
At insection of East Av. & Elmwood Av.
(can also enter their parking areas from Elmwood Av.)


Other Information

Those who wish to join RRISCC officially by paying the annual dues amount of $10.00 can do so for our current fiscal year September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018 by sending a check to Henry Hamlin.  His address can be found here.  The advantages are that dues-paying members are entitled to a 30% discount on EMS items & 25% on other brands at EMS on their club day weekends held twice a year.

And, dues-paying members can borrow library materials belonging to the club and Stu Milligan which are listed here.  Upon receipt of the membership fee, a membership card would then be mailed to you.

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