Rochester Rock, Ice & Snow Climbing Club (RRISCC)


ARTICLE I - Members

The membership of a person shall become effective upon payment of annual membership dues for the calendar year.  The calendar year is September 1 through August 31.  A member may renew his or her membership for a subsequent term of one calendar year by payment of the annual membership dues.  The amount of annual membership dues shall be determined by a majority vote of the membership present at the annual meeting of members normally held in the month of May.  The membership dues paid by new members joining within the last couple of months of the calendar year will be applied for the remainder of that calendar year and extend throughout the subsequent calendar year.

ARTICLE II - Directors

The directors of the corporation shall consist of the elected officers of the corporation.  In the event of dissolution of the corporation, the directors will determine whether or not to file a Certificate of Dissolution with the Secretary of State of the State of New York and decide what to do with the incorporation's assets and properties.  Every attempt shall be made to dispose of the corporation's assets and properties by donation to another like organization with like purposes actively operating in the Rochester, New York area.

ARTICLE III - Membership Meetings & Voting

The annual meeting of the members of the corporation shall be held at the May meeting of each year at the member host location somewhere in the area of Rochester, New York, at 7:30 o'clock in the evening.  Special meetings as the membership shall call upon written request of at least seven members, shall be held after due notice is sent, in writing or by e-mail, to the entire membership.  One third of the membership shall constitute a quorum for any membership meeting.  A majority vote of members present at such a meeting shall be sufficient to implement action.  Proxy votes, one per member, put in writing or sent by e-mail to the President or Vice President before the meeting hour, will be counted toward implementation or non-implementation of any proposed corporate action.  Only members may cast votes on any corporate matter.

ARTICLE IV - Officers

The officers of the corporation shall consist of a President, a Vice President, and a Treasurer, each of whom shall be members and directors elected by written ballot at the annual meeting of the members of the corporation.  The officers shall serve for one year or until their respective successors are elected and have qualified.  A majority of the membership may terminate an officer's election.  In the event of a vacancy occurring in an office during the calendar year, the members, by a majority vote at a duly called membership meeting, may fill such vacancy for the unexpired term.

The President shall correspond with members and potential members, and shall organize and coordinate meeting agendas, times and locations.  The Vice President shall assist with these tasks in the absence of the President or at the request of the President, and assume the President's roles should the President be unable to perform those roles any longer.  The Treasurer shall be empowered to collect and deposit member dues, write checks for any bills incurred by the corporation, and/or open or close appropriate bank accounts for the corporation as supported or directed by the members.  The Treasurer shall also regularly and briefly report account balances and transactions to the members at the corporation's monthly meetings.

ARTICLE V - Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended, altered, or repealed, in whole or in part, by a vote of two thirds of the members at any membership meeting where such proposed action has been incorporated in the notice of the meeting.