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Adventure at the
Rosamond Gifford Zoo
at Burnet Park in Syracuse, NY

July 10, 2005
elephant fence
July 10, 2005, was a beautiful day, after several gloomy, rainy days.  It was too nice to stay home, so we set off to the zoo in Syracuse..   
Their page:  Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Gotta love these guys, decorated the same front and back.

There is a new penguin exhibit.

The meercats are always entertaining.  This  one is basking in the heat lamp.

And the lemurs are also always entertaining.

There was a raptor exhibit.
Up Close and Personal with a raptor

There is something special happening about every hour.  There are elephant demonstrations, and chances to get up close and personal with the raptors.  The penguin feeding was especially popular.  There is a snack bar, which used to be Burger King, and is similar to that, but it was quite crowded at noon, as you would expect, and we had a cooler in the car with a picnic lunch, so we wandered back to the car after having our hand stamped with a lion, so that we could get back in after eating.  We found a shady spot near the car and enjoyed bread, cheese, and fruit.  There are lots of snack machines scattered around the zoo for ice cream, soda, water, candy, and salty snacks, but they remind you:

There are lots of birds.

The zoo is a sensible size, with lots of shady areas.   There are pleasant walkways through the animal habitat areas.  Some are pavement, and some are boardwalk. 

We enjoyed the walking, but by the end of the day, we felt like this, too.

Time to go home.

No photos of the real tigers - they were lounging at a distance in the shade.
We had a great day!  This has been a spring and summer of getting around.

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This has been a spring and summer of getting around.

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Published 7/3/05
Photos by Leslie or David

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