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We try to escape the heat with a trip to two of New York's State Parks

Pixley Falls State Park
Delta Lake State Park

and a search for
Oriskany Falls
July 18, 2005
Today dawned over 70 degrees heading to 90 with very high humidity.
You may have noted on other pages that on nasty days we end up somewhere where walking or hiking is necessary.
There is probably something wrong with this picture, but there you are.
Yesterday was a day of heavy thunderstorms in the North Country, producing up to five inches of rain.
Notice the muddy water going over Pixley Falls.
From the New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation website we learn:  "Pixley Falls State Park's main attraction is the 50-foot waterfall, close to the picnic area. This picturesque park also features steep, wooded hills and a mountain stream. A nature trail meanders through the forest and past Pixley Falls. The park has 22 streamside campsites and access to numerous miles of trout streams. A cross-country ski trail runs along the Black River Canal, which is just inside the park entrance."

When you compare our pictures to the Parks Service webpage, you can get an idea of how much rain they got yesterday. 

  Notice the dancing water on this view of the right hand side of the falls. 
To get to the falls, there is a dirt trail, soaked by yesterday's rain.  Yeah, it's near the picnic area, if you consider as a rock flies.  When you get to the bottom, the spray provides a welcome cooling.

Trail at Pixley Falls

The trail is lovely, cool, a bit slippery.

There are little side falls.

Side waterfall at Pixley Falls

And it's hot enough that the glasses won't stay on the nose.
L enjoying the view and exercise
We enjoyed this lovely little park, but it was now time to move on...
to Delta Lake State Park. 
Delta Lake was formed when they dammed the water to make a reservoir for the canal system.
Apparently there is a town under that water.
For more history and old pictures of the town, go to:
Beach at Delta Lake

This looks like a great family park.  There are setups for volleyball and baseball.

Great picnic areas and some camping areas.  At the beach are changing areas and showers.

From the Parks WebsiteDelta Lake State Park is located on a peninsula extending into Delta Reservoir. You’ll find the terrain is wooded and generally flat. Year-round visitors can enjoy the day in one of many picnic areas, or on one of the many hiking and nature trails. There is also a boat launch and shoreline fishing for trout, pike, bass, bullhead and perch. Campers can enjoy 101 tent, trailer or RV camping sites and there is a sandy beach with swimming in the summer. For winter visitors there are cross-country ski trails.

And it was time to move on.
We went to Deansboro to see if the Music Museum was open.  It's not.
We went there years ago and enjoyed playing all the old instruments, but it exists no longer.

Then off to the village of Oriskany Falls to see if there really were falls there.
There were.

Oriskany Falls

And if you look closely, under the bridge on the left, a goose enjoys the cool view.

Goose under bridge at Oriskany Falls

And there are gulls.


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Published 7/18/05
Photos by Leslie or David

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